On the night no child sleeps soundly

With wondrous eyes so profoundly

Looking in hopes to get a glimpse

Of that Santa Claus ever since

…they trusted in magic and make believe

To put out mild and cookies on Christmas Eve

To set up that tree and make the season festive

To receive as openly as to give.

And when Christmas Eve approaches it slumber

The children hide behind beneath or under

The couches the curtains or wherever else

To see the sleigh, and hear the bells

To hear a thump to their delight

To dash to the window finding no one in sight

And another year passes to their dismay

When they realize Santa's come, while they'd drifted away…

…to sleep, where pleasant dreams await

St. Nick's already there by no mistake

With all the presents, gifts, and toys

Giving laughter, spreading joy.

While on the outside, what's going on

Is the coming of angels who whisper their song

And it is rumoured, the message they bring

Through the songs and carolling…

…besides the myth and the religion

Beyond the tree and the tradition

The message comes to the world a memento

To one and all a blanket of snow.

And it serves as a reminder

To all of us, to be a bit kinder

And not only that, but the concept of Christmas day,

To be with family, and with snow

And no place to go…

…you'll stay.