My eyes my gaze will pierce

you like an arrow through your chest,

be brave for once and stare back.

Cold violets chilled by misery and

unexplained wintry cools.

This is my whatever you want it

to be telling you that I care, but

if you're going to melt when I look at you

because of cowardice, then

grow up. Or maybe just learn

that it's ok to be yourself I won't

be scared.

I could win your heart again. Possibly.

With my cold words meant to be warm

and soothing. I guess they aren't this is

not helping, but it had to be said.

These words this verse was burning

at the back of my throat these

last three days, had to be released


Come to think of it, I'm not even

sure what I'm trying to say. Just running my

mouth into air that shouldn't be this warm

to someone out there that isn't listening. You.

Something (the darkness inside that I've hidden from

My entire life) stole you away from me,

just seeing me isn't enough anymore,

I guess. What do you want me to do? I won't

become another person for you. I can't let you

slip away again. Too much you changed and I didn't?

Maybe you think I'm too serious for you.

You're missing something, hun.

Me. My need to be stupid and silly,

that's why I fell for you.

You made me laugh and I thought

you'd never make me cry, a little

happiness in my life a little lantern in

my eternal night, that was you.

You're flickering there goes

the last source of light, the last person

I thought I could lean on.

Don't fade out, I'll be your magic match in the rain, I'll

keep this flame burning.