this is my thrid poem called 'Goddess of the Moon'.This poem has to do with the beauty of the moon.I hope you enjoy and review.

'Goddess of the Moon'

Oh moon goddess you shine so bright.

Bright as radiant as rare silver indeed!

Your eyes are a deep blue as saphire.

Your eyes are big nice pools of swirling blue space dust.

Your hair is black as the night sky.

Your skin is as soft as silk of a dress that a queen would wear.

The light you shine is the light of my life.

Light so fine indeed!

Your body is perfect in anyway.

The moon is a symbol of love and I'm just a mere man.

I want you moon goddess I want you so very much!

I can not have a maiden so fair and radiant because you are a goddess of the heavens and I'm just an ugly old man.

I'll never marry you because I'm just a slave.

But does true love have any barrers?

You will prabaly never ever love me because I'm just a worthless slave nothing more and northing less.

Love may work in so many ways.

You live on the moon a beauty place to be and I live on this Earth.

Our relationship may never work because you maybe married to a handsome god so handsome that he should rule the universe.

If you weren't married you won't want to marry me because I have nothing to offer you.

I'm just a slave.

I need someone to love me.

I need to love someone back too.

I want to be happy for the rest of my misable exiestance in this mortal world.

I get nothing in my life.

All people are treated differently why must that be?

Oh moon goddess I wish I can see you.

I want to hold you in my small scworny arms.

You prabably want Hurcules to marry you and to hold you in his strong arms.

If I was the last man you prabably wouldn't want me.