It's Only A game.

It was the summer of 1994, Kris was 16 she was a good girl, gone to church her whole life. She believed in God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost. She followed the commandments, didn't drink beer, smoke, do drugs and of course she had never had sex. She left school as soon as she could, she wasn't the brightest star in the sky and she knew that, that was why she left. She had been working in Dave's Dinner since the day here exams were over, and she loved it, it was a good job, the pay was fantastic and the people were really nice. The dinner was only a 30 minuet drive from her house, but due to The Old Forest only a 10 minuet walk.

Friday's were a little different then most days, Kris worked the 11 to 8 shift so instead of her usual Monday to Thursday 9 to 5 times. This meant on the Fridays she was the last person in the building, so she had to lock up, walk home through the Forest and be back by 8:30. But one Friday was different; she locked up as normal and started to walk through the forest, 'Fucking Stop Right There' a voice shouted from behind her. Kris' heart began to jump, she slowly turned round to see a man with a gun, 'Say A Word And I Will Blast Your Head Off!' he said more slowly. 'Take Your Clothes Off……NOW', Tears began to fall from Kris' Cheeks as she did what she was told. She took her coat off and and started to undo her shirt. After not very long she was standing in the forest only in her bra and panties.

The man was now licking his lips, 'ALL THE WAY' he told her calmly but with force behind his voice. She did as she was told. This was the first time, since she was a child, that someone had seen her naked. The Man undid his zip and pulled out his long, erect penis. 'Lay Down In The Mud, Over There' he ordered while directing her with his gun. Kris had never felt a pain like that before, and it lasted for 30 minuets, 30 minuets that seemed like a lifetime. Once the man had finished he Stood up, wiped his dick with her Panties, before putting them in his pocket and running away as fast as he could.

When Kris got home she told her dad, the reverent, what had happened. He Went straight to her room shoved her clothes and a bible into a black bag, kissed her and told her never to return.