Chapter 2

10 years, 9 months later, Kris had passed out on the bed again, a empty bottle of vodka next to her and a and an ash tray on the bed table that hadn't been cleaned for weeks. 'Mommy' a young boy whispered, as he slowly shook his mother awake. 'I had another accident', a tear began to stream down the boy's eye.
'Whattime is it' she asked him,
'2 o'clock' came the reply. Kris opened her eyes and looked around, she saw her son standing in his PJs with soaking wet bottoms.
'That's the third time this week.' She said softly.
'I know mommy, I'm sorry!' he replied.
'its not your fault babe.' She assured him buy bringing him in a hug.

Jordon had been having accidents for the last month now, It started when one of Kris' 'Clients' had, had too much to drink and slapped the kid, hard, just because he was in his way. Since then he had wet the bed 3 to 4 times a week.

'Lets get you sorted' Kris said as she led Jordon back to his room by the hand. Once in the boys bed room, she stripped the sheets off the bed and removed the, sprayed a bed cleaner on the mattress and placed a couple of towels over the urine then put new sheets on the bed. All the while she and Jordon were playing a word game. One the bed was done she picked up the sheets and went to the bathroom. She put the sheets in the laundry basket, Jordon followed her.

Kris sat on the toilet and Jordon stood in front of her, she took off his top and slowly. He was strong for his age, he didn't have a six pack, but he was fitter then anybody in his class. She started to play with the boys nipples, after a couple of seconds; she moved her hands down his body to his wet pyjama bottoms. She slid her hand inside and started to pull them down. He, like all 10 year olds, was not very well endowed in fact his penis was only an inch long, granted it wasn't erect but still it couldn't have grown much more.

Once the boy was standing in front of her naked, Kris' pussy started to get wet. It always did when she saw her son naked, sometimes she felt sick, but she felt sick most the time, because of her 'job' so she just ignored it. She picked up a box of baby wipes, she took one out and started to clean her son's we-we. Once she had cleaned it she took out a cream, to stop any rashes from forming, and rubbed it in to his thighs and the she started to caress it in to the boys hairless ball sack and the up and down his willy.

Once the boy was cleaned up Kris placed her lips on the boy's penis and kissed it, then she stood up. 'Honey' she said 'All your pyjamas are in the wash, your goanna have to sleep in the buff tonight, do you mind?' the boy shook his head.
'Do you mind if I sleep with you tonight mommy?' the boy asked.
'Of course not baby,' Kris replied.
'But if I'm gonna sleep Naked' he said 'You have to too.'
Kris looked down at her son. He was smiling; she smiled back and took of her bra and panties. Now both standing there naked, Jordon embraced his mother in a hug. As their naked body's touched Kris could feel her son's We-We start to erect. She smiled and the picked him up and took him to the bed.

As Kris lay there on the bed she felt her son's hand start to moved down her tummy to her pussy, she was shocked when he started to play with her pubic hair. It felt good but wrong at the same time, but the good feeling out weight the wrong so she just let it continue.
'Mommy' the boy said
'Yes Babe' Kris Replied
'I love you'
'I love you too'