I wish I could just wish this all away
wake up tomorrow morning
and find that I am no longer in love with you
than life could be simple
and you could get want you want.

But wishes don't ever come true
at least not in the real world
and I gave up on fairytales
the first time my heart was broken.

Yet every time I fall in love again
I regain a small bit of my childhood innocence
all over again
and I believe maybe this love
will be my prince charming
and we will live happily ever after.

But ever single time
my heart gets shattered all over again
and as I pick up the pieces
and attempt to glue them back together,
I vow that I will never again
let my childhood dreams
take over my mind
and that I will never fall hopelessly in love again.

But then some one else comes along
and I fall in love all over again
and it all ends the same
with these tears streaming down my face
and the blood dripping down my arm
and my heart in shambles on the floor.