They tell me I could do so much better
that my prince charming awaits me
and he will never make me cry
like you always did.

But I can barely even hear them
over the sound of my own sobs
and even when I do hear them
they are merely words.

They are not truths or lies
they do not even form sentences
they are simply words
flowing from your mouth into my ears.

I cannot fathom anything but you.
During all our fights
when I shed all these tears and blood for you
and I wished you were different

and all the times you made me cry
that I prayed that maybe just maybe
you could change even slightly
and we could last one day without fighting.

Maybe they are right and I can do better.
Maybe I will find my prince charming
and he will be everything I ever dreamed of,
everything I ever wanted.

But although you're not all I wanted
and you're not the perfect person for me
you are the only thing
that I need.