Lamentations of a Lonely Sun

A cold sun rises in the slate gray sky

Life flees everything her light falls on

The trees moan low as the wind

Pushes through their barren arms

The leaves shiver and the grass creaks

From the added weight of the frosty dew

The sun moves across the horizon

Hiding occasionally from the gloom

Behind a lonely cloud

Lamenting her sorrow

In the vast silence she creates

Then sets just as solemnly on the western front

As the moon slips into view in casual pursuit

Bathing the landscape in his radiant glow

The trees stretch their limbs

As though reaching for the silvery orb

The leaves dance about in glee

And the grass patiently awaits a fresh dusting of charm

The moon floats calmly through space

Conversing occasionally

With a meandering cloud

Singing a joyous melody

In the peace he creates

Then sets gently to spread his graces elsewhere

As the sun enters once again

To pour her harsh light over the scenery

Living always in the shadow of the moon

As he shines with stolen light