Look No Farther



I've dealt with it once

And I'll face it again

Times a thousand

To the forty fifth power

I remember admitting to be Wiccan

And the boy who jokes about

Human-on-deer relationships

While covering his notebooks with symbols

He doesn't understand

Thought I worshipped Satan

Now a girl who doesn't bathe

Thinks that I'm disgusting

And a boy who would screw a trashcan

Thinks that I'm a pervert

That really helps to make me

Feel extra special inside

What's really fun is the girl

Who has a "Christian" lunch table

And spends everyvacation preaching

To underprivileged children

Thinks that I will force Wicca

And gay-ness on her friends

God forbid I'm obnoxious about it

The girl who doesn't shave her legs

Thinks I'm non-feminine

The computer nerd

Who downloads porn

And has fetishes I won't describe

Thinks that I'm unnatural

What's even better

Is how a chimp disguised as a human

Kills millions of people

And blabs about supporting the troops

Who don't even have armor

Believes that I'm against God

A priest who molests young boys

Said that I have unnatural lust

Oh the joy I feel at that

And a boy who has no friends

And the personality of a history book

Thinks that people won't like me

Wouldn't it be great

If everyone could mind their own business

And not look farther to find someone

Utterly unpleasant

Unnaturally sacrilegious

Than their own reflections