(Make myself comfortable on a couch, Writing on the back of a book, A few sentences
concerning how much I wish you'd die.)

Darling, dear whoever,
I hope you choke on my words and turn a
Lovely shade of blue that should
Match my stationary quite nicely.

I hope you'll read each line carefully and
Allow the poison to seep into your
Dominate hand. God, you're unbelievable.

I might be pressing my luck, but I'm going to ask
That you write back. I won't be happy
Until you admit that I'll shove my pen down your throat
Without a fucking hesitation.

Along with your reply, I'd like a copy of my own letter
With circles and lines underneath every assumption
I got right.

I'd like every single letter to have a blue mark on it (So help me God)

Should you find that you have nothing to say,
(I'm expecting this as I've said everything for you)
Feel free to send a bottle of your blood and backbone
In exchange for my time.

I indeed hope that you'll find me being quite reasonable,
And will gladly acknowledge your own fall from control.
In conclusion of my thoughtful sentences of love and understanding,
I must enlighten you with the fact that you shall
Never hear another word out of my mouth, nor read from my hand,
For I have already wasted far too much breath and ink
On your undeserving part.

Your other puppet sends her highest regards.

Darling, dear whoever,
This is my letter to you.