The man, who was outfitted in a black cloak that engulfed his body and face, stalked down the empty corridors of the streets. He came to a sudden halt, when, he saw before him, a silhouette of a man whose hair stuck strait up in the air. His face however was hidden by the shadows in which he stood.

" I assume that you are here for the disavows?" Kyo said as he removed the cloak from his head to reveal his long jet-black hair that covered one of his eyes. A long crescent scar, that went around his eye and down to his cheek could been seen in the moonlight.

The silhouette stepped out, revealing a long slender body, that of a ninja. The man was wearing blood red clothing that clinged to him, outlining nothing, but still leaving no wrinkles. His ankles and wrists bore cloth wrappings that in retrospect, were there to protect him from the blades that were stuck to his arms and legs. "Do you see the color of my clothes, Kyo? This is the blood of those who stood between me, and the Disavows. I would hate for your blood to infect these clothes as the others have."

"I don't plan to!" Kyo spoke with suck confidence that the ninja was in awe, " You had better hope that your blood does not infect this cloak, for if it does, it will be your life as the price!" Kyo spoke this as his threw back hi cloak to reveal his sword.

"Lets begin then shall we." The ninja spoke as he ran toward Kyo, with his arms both behind him; he jumped up, and over Kyo. Kyo however just stood there. He didn't even look up, he only stared at the place where the ninja used to be. "I was expecting more of a fight…especially from you Kyo!" The Ninja dove down and swung both his arms forward, just barely missing Kyo, who had skidded out of harms way.

"If I must, then I will fight you Ninja, but do not expect me to go easy on a rookie."

"YOU DARE CALL ME A ROOKIE!" The Ninja said infuriated, "I have killed thousands of…. But just the more reason to kill you!" As he said this Kyo withdrew his sword and immediately swung up, straight through the Ninja.

"Once again, don't expect me to go easy on a rookie." Kyo said this as the two halves of the ninja separated and flopped to the ground. Kyo re-sheathed his sword, threw his cloak back on and over his face, stepped over one of the halves, and walked into the darkness. Never to be seen again, the protector of the disavows, Kyo of the Darkness.