The beginning of the story

By: Josh. S Saxe

It started off like any old day the sun was shining rays of color down to our world. The sky like always was multicolored, and there the clouds that gave the trees a place to reach. All was well on Coserax our home planet.

" Hey guys you wanna go to the movies after school?" I asked at recess.

"Sure," Azure replied.

"What movie," questioned Kazumae?

"How about…."Cloud said.

"Galent-X," Interrupted Inuki.

"Who's up for that," I asked?

"Cool," Azure said.

"Sure," Cloud replied

"Why not," Kazumae questioned?

"You tell me! I mean sure," exclaimed Inuki!

"Strife Kaisui, Azure Kanicha, Cloud Asha, Kazumae Grabowski, and Inuki Grabowski, please report to the office immediately," boomed the loudspeakers.

"Let's go," Azure announced.

"Okay," we all replied in a Chorus.

As we walked toward the office we saw a man in a mud brown jacket and a full brim hat that was the same color as his coat. His face was hidden within the shadows of his hat. When he passed we all gave him a weird glance. We than looked toward our destination, the office. I entered first, the others followed.

BUZZAP the lights sparked and went out, the office was dark as the night sky, but there weren't any stars or streetlights like the ones on our old planet Earth. A dim light shown like a candle from a door over in the corner of the room. We walked slowly toward the light being as cautious as

We possibly could. When we reached the door Kazumae slowly opened the creaking door. We walked in and found ourselves in a laboratory full of vials of boiling chemicals, tubes were transporting colored liquids. A man in a white lab coat stood in the corner of the room where beakers sat like birds in a tree. When he had turned around he looked at us observing us we did the same. He had short black hair that had been neatly combed back; his eyes were blue like the ocean on a sunny day. He had a series of freckles scattered across his peach like colored face. Upon his nose sat a pair of green and blue tie-die glasses that slightly magnified his eyes.

"This is what they sent me! A bunch of kids," Exclaimed the Scientist!

"Well better make due with what I have got. My name is Dr. Fredrik Birdrison, and this is my lab. You have been called here because you have all chosen for a mission. You remember why all humans left Earth don't you?"

"No not really," I replied

"Nope," Kazumae said

"Not at all," Cloud said

"Kind of… not," Inuki sarcastically said.

"A little," Azure replied.

"Well then let me remind you," Dr. Birdrison Announced.

"It started as a normal day until the sky went black across the whole world. Many people thought this was an eclipse. Well they were wrong because we soon noticed the moon was visible and it wasn't night. Many other people noticed that there was a big black ball in the sky. One Scientist noticed that the ball was the sun. He then hacked into the all of the broad casting stations and announced his discovery. He then announced what they people should do. 'Please all launch pads prepare all of your rockets to launch the most important people from each of your countries. Send at least 1000 people from each of your countries,' he had said. After he announced this all launch pads did what they were told. All was followed within five days of the announcement. All of you were lucky enough to get onto the last rocket and get out of our old universe," Dr. Birdrison explained.

"Now I remember," I said. "I remember the ride here to Coserax."

"That's right we were all on the same rocket," Azure added.

"Okay so what is our mission, now that we've found out why we are on Coserax," Inuki asked.

" Your mission is to find out why the sun went black meaning you might have to use this…" He pulled out a tubular contraption that had a door on one side and many buttons on a panel.

"This is a Cronoporter 8975 it will cronoport you back to earth. On Earth we called it a 'Teleporter', but this is more advanced. The Cronoporting method makes it so that you don't need two, but only one." Dr. Birdrison explained.

"So you're asking us to…umm well… go back to Earth?" I asked.

"Pretty much… well to shorten that I could just say… YES!" He exclaimed at us with his unbelievable answer.

"Well then we should better be going. I guess," Azure said kind of sarcastically.

" If you all could just step over to the Cronoporter, I can send you on your way back to earth," Dr. Birdrison told us.

As we all got inside the Cronoporter we must have all thought… I hope we all stay alive. The sudden slow rumble of the Cronoporter started. It slowly got louder until we could barely stand it. As we slowly could feel our feet leaving the ground I heard a slight cackle.

"No… No… help me please… stay away… NO!" Shrieked the voice of Dr. Birdrison.

"Those kids have know…." said a mysterious voice that was then blocked out by the sound of the Cronoporter.

Once we felt our feet leave the ground we then saw stars, planets and many other universes passing by us at slow enough speed so that we could make-out what the planets were.

We then could feel our feet touching down on the ground with the softest sound, almost like the sound of owl's wings flying through out the night sky.

"Are we there ye-et," Inuki stumbled with her words.

"I think s-o," I replied.

"I think I am going to be sick. Ooohhhummmmmmm," Kazumae moaned.

"I think we should best be on our way then," I said.

"Yeah we should go and find out what happen to the sun, personally I would like to know myself," Azure added.

So then we all set off, but behind us I think only Azure noticed a black shadow moving like a cheetah swiftly stalking its pray. I think that somehow she knew what it was as well, I also knew who it was.

As we walked the figure still followed us still only Azure and I were still the only ones that noticed. We said nothing about it. Suddenly a flash of black light surrounded us, when it had disappeared; Azure was gone.

"She's gone," Kazumae said

"Where is she?" Cloud asked

"She's with him… Goshe-og! Now the dark lord of earth," I exclaimed!

"Who's…umm well how do you know who he is?" Inuki questioned me with a suspicious look in her eye.

"He is the one who killed Dr. Birdrison before we had left. Don't you remember the scream," I said

"Nope," They all said.

"Well I did and he got here and probably is going to set up a trap to catch us," I explained.

"Well then lets go find this 'Goshe-og' character and get Azure back. Then I think we should maybe find out why the sun blacked out don't you think," Kazumae suggested.

"Duh," Cloud said.

"Well then what are we waiting for lets go find her," I announced!

We then headed off to find Azure. Without a sound a shadow followed us over head, no one seemed to notice. The shadow would be nothing compared to what would soon befall upon both worlds, but hey as long as we have each other, we can't be stopped!

To be continued….