The moon was a cresent, moving upon the heavy clouds of the velvet night. The stars shining with all their bloody delight. The breeze moved my hair into my face. A crow screamed in the moonlight, screamed my name, screamed my death. I looked to the soldiers running to me, with their swords drawn. "What do thee come for?" They all looked to me, as I held a candle in my palm.
"We've came for you, heathen." They threw their swords to my throat. I knew they came for me. It was 1667. Many years ago. The years of the Salem Witch Craft Trials. I knew they would come for me sooner or later. I slowly got up with the candle still in hand, and I hid my pentacle beneath my clothes. They grabbed a peice of rope, and wrapped it around my waist and my wrists. "What do you want? What have I done to deserve such treatment"
"You do not worship our god, Jesus. And so shall you die, and rot in the hell where you belong." They pushed me to the floor, and dragged me behind their horses. The moon was sleeping as we reached the savage village. As I walked in, I saw savages laughing at the swinging corpses that stay on the tree branch. Their eyes closed, their face pale, their lips blue.
I watched as people looked at me with disgust. My friends, my lovers, even my family. "GO TO HELL!" They screamed. "ROT IN HELL!" I said nothing, for I did not want to provoke them. Children running up to loose rocks and throwing them at me. Sadists grabbing their torches, hay, and whips. "YOU WILL DIE!!!"
I looked upon them with fear as they took me to the church to be judged. I looked into the Pastor's eyes. Cold and Evil, like those of the Goat. He put his lips to my forehead, and told me in my ear, "dearest sarah. You will die because you are a heathen. you do not worship the greatest god, our lord. You are an evil woman, casting spells on the innocence of this village. These people will crucify you, torture you as they seem fit. Do you understand what I am telling you? Bow down to our lord and ask him to forgive you of your sins. Tell him that you want to be saved, and you will be. You will live to tell this story. You will live to worship our god"
I put my head on my chest. "Dear Pastor, I do not wish to be crucified, but I do not wish to bow down to any gods but mine. If you wish to punish me for following the rites of my gods and goddesses, then so be it. But my gods will avenge me. They will avenge me, just like they did Nora. Just like yours did the hebrews. I understand what you are telling me, but I do not agree with thee. Crucify me, die at my gods hand. Let me be free, be given sacrifices and wealth for your love of all people of this land"
Fire rose in his eyes as he looked to his people. "The pyres shall once again be lit, and we will all keep warm this winter as evil pagan souls burn in the redemptive flames! You must enter the fire to be cleansed of your pagan evil! For the misery you witches and acorn worshippers have spread throughout the world! No longer will you slaves of Satan be permitted to run rampant spreading your evil, molesting and raping the childrewn on innocence! No longer will you Slaves of Satan be permitted to spread your vile filth, your disease, your rotten ideas, and phony peace! You are liars and sinners of he will return. Like he did before and he will make you pay! These breeders of evil must not be allowed to continued with spreading their filth. One way or another, he will get you. We are going to do it. He is doing it, through us. No pagan fags will be permitted to run rampant in God's world. Feel free to punish them however you see fit, my followers. Because the Blessed Minister will teach what it means to defy him and his word. Only the path of god can save you from this. Your all blaspheming, fornicating dogs and you must be made to repent of this filthy disgusting lifestyle. You dont have any rights, your are all pigs! For he will return, and shall purge this land of wiccan filth! You will all pay for your blasphemy and disobedience to the word of god! Find salvation, my friends. And you will be saved. You will be cleansed."

I looked to him and the raging crowd in fear. "Sarah, I will give you to this crowd, and they will do to you, what they see fit. They will kill you, and you..." he paused.. "Deserve it.."