Johnny slid under his covers his mom had just tucked him in, how long 5, 10 minutes? At the age of 8 he had very little grasp of time, but that didn't matter. His night light had gone out and he couldn't get himself to move the door was so far away, his mom's warm comforting hug, the smell of pipe tobbaco on his dad, so far away and he was alone in his room. Except for the monster he knew the monster was under his bed. His parents would always chide him, "There are no such things as monsters."

But Johnny knew there were. He looked at Mr. Teddy, he buried his head under the heavy quilt, still looking at the thread bare teddy bear.

Then the voice penetrated the darkness echoing through his room.

Johnny lifted his head up looking at his toy chest, then at the various Batman posters on the wall, but he knew the voice was from under his bed.

"Hello." He said sheepishly.

"Hello Johnny." The insanely deep voice vibrated from under his bed. "It is a nice night out. Want to come down here I have cookies, you like cookies right Johnny?"

Johnny curled in fetal positon. "Nah uh." He managed to squeak out.

"Well Johnny I guess then I may have to go up there."

Johnny wimpered as he saw a green clawed hand began to reach out from the shadows and snake up the side of his bed.

Finally he gathered up enough and courage and breath. Licking the tears streaming down his cheeks he opened his mouth and screamed. "MOMMY, MOOOOOOMMY."