Dehr final chapter in my Johnny story proving that bad stuff happens to people named John. I mean seriously folks Johnny Ramone, JFK, the John at our school who got trampled in the mosh pit. Don't name your children John!!!


"Holy shit I touched Mr. Jib's forehead."

-Jake after encountering a night terror in D20 Modern

Three years had passed by Johnny hadn't improved any only worsened, in fact he had spent the last year of his life in a mental asylum for the youth.

He had become delusional from lack of sleep, and in his fatigued state of mind he began to suffer paranoia and hallucinations, or so the doctors stated.

They still couldn't find out why he would thrash about in his bed often injuring himself and before too long they were strapping him to his small little bed and sedating him before he slept. Of course he was always observed as he slept, and like clockwork he would awake and thrash against his bonds screaming of monsters. Screaming of the evil thing under his bed.

One night right before his sedation Johnny escaped his bondage, he looked feral like a trapped animal, scared and ranting about how his parents didn't love him. He bit into the doctor's hand and stole the hypodermic needle.

Then Johnny ran up next to the doctor and began grappling with the thin air stabbing at something that wasn't there amazingly enough green liquid began to pool on the ground and coat his hands and clothing.

Suddenly Johnny stopped, shying back, the needle no longer in his hand but as if embedded in some unseen mass. "He can't die." Johnny said sobbing. "He can't die and Mommy don't love me. Now that I ain't his friend we are all gonna die!" He sobbed hysterically and then ran to the corner of the room despite the nurse and doctor's attempts to stop him.

The doctor no longer paid attention to Johnny though, for the telltale-floating needle embedded in the unseen mass was floating towards her trailing green ichors behind it.

She felt a sharp pain, as her stomach was torn open spilling her bloody entrails on the ground. Now she could see it, in her dieing breaths she saw the man like creature with the needle embedded in it's back laughing manically at her, everyone did.

Now everyone could see the creature and they all watched it very closely frozen in place from fear even as it killed each and every one of them. It killed Johnny last though, the beast wanted Johnny to see what happened when people stopped being his friend.