Honey pie

Look into my eyes

Am I someone you can trust?

Am I everything I must

Be, if I'm to suffice?

Friend of mine

Give me a sign

That you forgive my seven sins

That you can someday let me in

Some kind of confidante?

Just do yourself a favour, now

And don't you make a sound

Don't even try to frown

Because you're really good for me

You know it and you see

That I'm really good for you

And we could be the best of friends

Time has passed

Ever so fast

But now I think we can be friends

I might be going round the bend

At least it's experience

So if you ever need the time

To sort your headache out

You know I am here

You know I am here

I can mix the drinks

We'll share out anyone you want

Share out anyone you think is pretty

You say you're turning bi

Well it's such a good idea

People ask you why

But I know it's good, my dear

You're doing your own thing

And I'm mixing margarita

And I'm doing my own thing

And I'm feeling freer

Than I have ever been.