A/N: I always use the name Ophelia. S Oh well. I don't know what to make out of this one. It's pretty lame and the ending is weak but at least it's something. If you don't get the theme, I'll give you a hint: a universe within another universe.

As the musician sits on the terrace, carrying out a tune with a mournful, yet romantic song. His long hair ravishing his face as he whipped his lashes away and staring at the couple below him. The instrument sounded akin to an earth instrument, a violin. He clenched the bow and played lazily, but with his talent, pleasing to any ears that heard. Groups, couples, and ones to themselves floated in the midriff but also stayed sterile on the flat surface, not wanting to partake in the midnight hoopla. The musician needed some inspiration. He sought through the crowds as he scanned them mentally before continuing to play. He spotted two young ladies melted into each others arms, staring lovingly at one another. He smiled as he saw that they danced far away from the crowds, in their own tiny world.

As both women danced together, swaying back and fourth, left to right with their hips adjoined they let each other mold as one. Ophelia wrapped her arms tightly against her partner. She let her long honey and purple hair tangle itself around the smaller women. The petite woman under the taller girl's grasp looked up and smiled. Ophelia brushed a strand of fiery red and pink out of the way.

"There's been some queer sounds coming from down below us all week," Ophelia stated in a semi-frustrated matter. She focused on the blue, yellow and green colors below their feet as they levitated in the air. "Do you think it's them?"

"Them, who?" questioned Enid.

"You know... what they talk about, Earth. People from Earth."

Enid chuckled at her lover's odd acquisition but also her inquisitiveness. "We do not know anything for certain, but, earth? It is probably just another phase of a new season. We have them all the time."

Ophelia shook her head and looked down again at the bubble-like sphere under their toes. She watched as all those repeated colors shifted into each other. She had never seen such a weird set of colors before. She wondered what was below them. But before she could speak of her questioning, a rose vine from above whipped her on the face.

"Fuck sakes!" She hollered as she swung the vine back into the air. "We've been going through season changes way too much in the past few months."

Enid giggled again and fetched the rose vine. She peeled off a pink and yellow rose and handed it to Ophelia. "Yes but so beautiful."

"But nothing lasts here..." Ophelia started then trailed off as she gawked at the flower. "I wish there was some place where things were slower. Where things change but reform again."

"Change is part of our planet sweetheart, we cannot change it ourselves."

Ophelia sighed, distressed, and thrashed the rose as it floated back to the rose vine. "I know that, I'm saying I wish there was some place, that's all. Maybe Earth is like that"

Enid shushed her lover and rested her head upon her. They both closed their eyes as they landed onto a cement pathway back to the terrace above. The stones adverted into steps as they made their way near to the musician. They linked hands and Ophelia carried on talking.

"Something is going to happen... I've never seen those kinds of colors before."

"Sweetie I told you, it is just another change of season. You get like this every time there is something new happening here." Enid smiled in a hearty matter and pinned her sweet gaze at her other half.

"It's different this time."

Enid sighed, knowing she would not give it up. "How is it?"

"I don't know, but I'm petrified this time." Her eyes began to well up and she sobbed into the petite girl's chest. "I just wonder why I haven't killed myself, to get it over with."

The smaller girl shook Ophelia and hoisted herself away. "I know you are upset but please do not talk like that!"

The music soon ceased and the tall dark haired man made his way over to the couple. "Ladies, may I ask what the trouble is?" He eyed them both in a friendly but solicitous matter.

Ophelia looked down and did not speak. Enid spoke graciously, "my girlfriend here just has the butterflies over the new season changes."

"Oh dear, you mustn't be worried. They always say the end is near, but what makes this differentiate from the other times?"

The blonde sniffled and shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know, it just feels different."

"Well my darling, I suggest you make your way home. But, maybe this time it will be something completely new. Maybe a new flower bloom, like the orchids we received last month. Or those orange leaves that wilt after they touch the ground for so long. It can't be anything too harmful dear."

"I suppose," Ophelia half smiled, "thank you for your generosity." He shuffled off but before anyone could speak a cacophony of sounds raced above their heads. It scratched their ears and eyes like a heinous creature turning them blind. Ophelia could not utter another word and she caught a glimpse of strange colors surfacing their home. Their land was suddenly turning to ashes and Enid looked over, seeing men in gaudy white uniforms. The last vision that was implanted in Ophelia's memory was the look of shrills and pain on Enid's beautiful face.

Ophelia attempted to gasp for air, and wail for her Enid but she could not. The cone shaped white piece covered her mouth. Strange beings with teal suits plucked their way on Ophelia's body. She tried to speakā€¦but no words formulated. As she could finally decipher images, she asked questions but the man in a familiar but different white suit looked at her as if she were talking gibberish.

"Beautiful looking creature you are," he said and Ophelia looked at him as if he were talking gibberish as well.

"Where's my Enid?" She muttered and he still looked at her dumbfounded.

"We're just seeing what you are... pretty thing. It's amazing the advances in technology that we've found universes with another." He laughed while observing her.

She blinked once and looked at the side, seeing Enid wrapped up in queer looking tubes. Her face was a pale white. She knew she was dead.

"NO!" She wailed and the man tried to restrain her. She studied the room she was in and looked out of a window. She sawcolors weird to her allmeshed together and realized (or assumed) that she was on Earth. "I thought Earth was better than this." She put her hands to her eyes and let out a weep, ready to suffer the same fate (experimentation) as Enid.