Soldiers out to War

Swaying to the rhythm of the drum beat

Soldiers dressed in khaki are out to war

A rifle in every hand as they march on

Cold hearted they must be to the core


Not a single smile lingers on their faces

As they take refuge in dangerous camps

Devoid of all emotion in their stone eyes

They're used to living in the snowy damp


They pack up grenades for the coming battle

As they pocket a picture of their loving wives

The huge tanks are ready for the war now

They decide on what to carry, guns and knives


The orders that are given cannot be turned down

No choice but to leave behind their loved ones

They walk on hungry as their soles hurt badly

Walking this path, they remember their sons


The soldiers have reached the forsaken battlefield

Here they wait for their enemy's hungry eyes

Lifting up their machine guns, they fire many shots

Feeding and eating bullets, breaking all living ties


The battlefield again lies dead, devoid of all life

Strewn all over with wounded or dead soldiers

Those who live grow colder seeing so much death

Vowing for revenge they wait behind a boulder


A fighter plane sets off for its far destination

To drop a bomb to kill soldiers in a land far away

The khaki is soaked in a dark brownish crimson

As the crimson goes on burning, burnt flesh today