Thinking Back

I need to give this up.
It's been too long.
I know there's no turning back,
And it was all my fault anyway.

But I'm holding on
Just like I always did.
Holding on too tight
Just like I always will.

I need to let you go.
You don't care now.
I know there's no looking back,
And it doesn't matter anyway.


I need to move on now.
It's so hard though.
I know there's no holding back,
That's what I told myself anyway.


Thinking back to you,
And I never wanna let you go,
But you've let go.
You've let go.


I need to just forget
Our memories.
I know there's no thinking back,
And I'm thinking back anyway.

Chorus 2x

But I'm still holding on
Like I forever will

I need to give this up.
It's been too long...