Life Doesn't End After Highschool

By Tara Nicole Walker


You hear "grow up" all your life

But no one really wants to

Why is that, exactly?

Because life ends. They say it

Because misery loves company

And it's not fair if you get it easier

Or if you end up smarter

In your younger years

Than they

The sweet innocence of young wisdom

And knowing

That life doesn't end after highschool

OK, so highschool's over

Can't get a decent job because the next

Generation up is telling you to "grow up"

But you don't want to

Because life ends

You find a menial job you fall in love

But what next?

You don't wanna grow up, because

If you get married, life ends

Isn't that the way it always goes?

That's where the story ends

With a vague "and they lived happily ever after"

But you decide to grow up and realize

That live doesn't end at marraige

OK. So you're married.

And surprise - somebody's pregnant.

Now what? You don't even have time to think

Your life just ended.

No more privacy no more sleep no more money

Not enough money in the first place

There's no place to go.

The job hasn't gotten better

You're still hearing "grow up" now more than ever

You can't be a kid if you've got one of your own


Not really the case.

You grow up and realize...

Life doesn't end with kids

OK. So now you're life's really ended, right?

She's fourteen. Guess what. She's growing up.

And where are you?

You've finally gotten a better job

She's gotten a slightly better boyfriend

You just started taking anxiety pills

And guess what pills she's taking...

So you go out, you get drunk and you grow up

And you come home. You give her a hug.

You kiss her on the forehead.

And tell her "never grow up"

Well. She's grown and gone.

Been that way for a while and now

All the sounds you've grown accustomed to

All seem to fade away

And they only things you are left with are

The hollow silences with echoing memories of

"Grow up"

What's that supposed to mean anyway?

You're joints are giving way

After all we're not built to last

And we've grown up so many times

That we don't know what to do with ourselves

She calls every once in a while to say she loves you

In spite of all the mistakes you guess you'd made

Now she's got kids... don't see them much

She moved last year... And the clock ticks on

No more job, and now you've switched

From anxiety pills to the depression ones

But they don't seem to be working

And silence still reigns...

But one day you decide to "grow up"

And you get a hobby...

'Cause life never really ends, you know...

I guess there's always something else...

'Cause life doesn't end after highschool