A Brother's Bond

Chapter 1

Zack, like all 14 year olds was going through a quite confusing time in his life. The only problem was that Zack was possibly more confused then most boys his age, you see he was in love, a love so deep that it hurt, a love like he had never known before. What made it confusing was that the object of his love was an 18 year old man. But it got worse; the 18 year old guy that Zack loved so much was James, Zack's older brother.

It all started when Zack when Zack was 12 he and his brother used to share a room, which wasn't a problem as they got on ok, most of the time. But one faithful night in October Zack was in his room playing with his Gameboy, when he heard his brother coming up the stairs. He decided to do a bit of spying so he jumped into his closet and left the door open a crack so he could observe the room without being seen. His brother entered the room; he looked around to confirm that no one was in there and then locked the door. James started to get undressed, as Zack watched his brother remove his cloths, he realised that he was beginning to get hard, but he didn't take his eyes of his naked brother. This was the point he realised that he was gay. It was at this point James turned around and Zack was able to appreciate how manly his brother was. Zack licked his lips as he stared at his brother's penis; he pulled down his shorts and looked at his then got mighty jealous. His brother then went inside his top desk draw and took out a magazine, he then sat down on the bean bag chair and started play with him self. Watching his brother masturbate got Zack masturbating to. After a f minute or two, Zack felt his spunk drip down his hands. He picked up a sock and cleaned himself up, pulled up his shorts and watched his brother finish. 15 minuets later Zack exited the closet after his brother had came, put his magazine back in the top draw, got dressed and went back down stairs.

Since that day Zack began lusting after his brother he tried to get in to wrestling fights just so they could roll around on the ground together, over time he realised that the lust he felt was wrong but he didn't care he wanted to be with James more than anything. Then the day before James' 19th birthday something happened that would strengthen the bond between them.