A Brother's Bond

Chapter 5

James was in shock, he wasn't sure what he should do, he was thinking of the reasons why he should leave that room now, and never speak of it again. The first being that the person coming on to him was 14, that was illegal, the second was that it was his brother, his own flesh and blood, and that to was illegal. There were many other reasons to stop right there and then, before anything began, but they were blown out of his mind by one fact, one simple fact out weight all the reasons to stop, he was in love. That was the only reason James could think of to go through with what ever it was they were about to go through, but as far as he was concerned it was more then enough.

Zack was getting annoyed with his brother just sitting there, not moving, he decided it was time to take action, to take off his dressing gown himself and see what his brother would do then, but as he started his brother began to move again. 'Hay I thought that was my present!' he said as he began to smile. This made Zack's smile grow even more, in fact if it got any bigger he could of be mistaken for the Cheshire Cat.

Zack stopped undoing the dressing gown, as his brother's hands moved up and down his legs. As hands moved up to Zack's tight ass, James cupped each cheek as he stood up. He moved his head closer to his brother's slowly. Zack had already closed his eyes in anticipation of the kiss he knew was coming, the kiss he had been waiting 2 years for.

As their lips got closer together James licked them one last time before he embarrassed his brother in their first kiss, James could tell this was his brother's first kiss, but he was a natural. As their lips moved slowly, James decided to spice it up a bit, he slid his tongue in side Zack's mouth, he started to play with Zack's tongue, this was a new pleasure that Zack had never felt before, their first kissed lasted for what seemed like hours, but in reality was but 2 minuets.

James was the one to pull away, leaving his brother I a state of shock, 'I'm gonna lock the door.' He said 'Why don't you lie on the bed then I will open my present, OK.' Zack still in shock could do no more then nod. James moved over to the door, as Zack lay down on the bed, James turned the lock and spun round. He removed the shirt that his brother had been so kind as to open, and he kicked off his shoes. As he walked towards he undone his trousers and with every step they slowly fell down. When he reached the bed his was wearing nothing except his boxers and socks.

He lay down on to of his brother, and they shared another kiss, this kiss was just a passionate as the first, and as their tongues met, James slid his hand up his brother's leg to the belt of his dressing gown. As James started to undo the belt he could feel his brother's erection poking him in the side, this sent a shiver down his spine, as the flesh of his brother's most privet parts touched his own flesh. As their skin came in contact they booth knew this was the start of something great.