A heavy, sweaty guard pulls a small man through a dark hallway. He didn't squirm or struggle in any way to escape. The constant tugging of the man's jacket makes him more uncomfortable as he looks at several passing doors. They all look the same. There are no peep holes, windows, or anything that displays evidence to the outside world. He panics when he peered up to the fat guard, feeling himself being choked by the strong grasp.

"There's been a lot of talk about The Seclusion Room, Mr. Perkins." He softly whispers to the prisoner.

He nods quickly, grasping his bola hat tighter.

"They say there's something inside; something...evil."

Perkins swallows his spit, and ponders on his statement. The guard chuckles as excess skin jiggles around his chin, laughing at his own joke. "Something evil, ha!"

He yanks the grey jacket, and they both came to a stop at the last door. Perkins glances over his shoulder, and awes at the long corridor they just ventured through. Dark shadows covered the end of the hall, seemingly to have no end. He pulls his wire glasses closer to his nose to get a better view, but was suddenly pushed inside a new area.

He caught himself before falling, and turned quickly to face the guard. He says nothing, and hears booming laughs from the fat man while he slams the door in front of him. Bewilderment takes him, and he continues to stand in a slouch. His blue eyes scan the new territory, and only four, bare walls with a single window stare at him. A small smile appears on his pale face, grateful of his fortune. He turns slightly to his left, and finds a perfect, feather bed calling him. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all.

His grasp on his hat loosens, and he begins to relax. This is much better than the apartment. Yes, there's dust on the cold floor, and the light's dim, but he'll get over it. A pleasant sigh escapes his thin lips, and nods in happiness. Everything was bare and tasteless. The bed only contained a paper-thin white sheet, and rests a flat pillow. The walls were dirty from neglect, and the floor was littered in balls of dust. This was no home, but after living in a confide room filled with many smothering people, anything was gold.

The frail man yawns in exhaustion from the rough day. He still remembers the judge's glance of shame, and disobedience. He knew he shouldn't have stolen the jug of water but he was thirsty, everyone was.

He sighs for the last time, and pushes the thought away. He was given something better; he had more room and privacy to himself. This vision made his smile grew wider.

"Charles, is that you?"

He jumps up, and a short scream flies from his throat. He drops his hat, and raises his hands to his cheeks. Fear takes him again as he spins around, swearing to himself that he heard someone say his name.

"Charles, don't be frightened...I'm your friend."

"Get away!" He screams, "Get away! You're just in my head!"

"No, I'm not. Please Charles, you're scaring me." He stops spinning, and there before him is a little girl no older than ten gazing up at him.

His mouth drops, and stares at the curly blonde. Her face is smooth, and her voice sounds innocent to his ears. It reminded him of the way people really looked when the world was ruled by governments, not by a selfish dictator.

She twirls in her light pink, fluffy dress before clasping her arms around his leg. His breath becomes short and quick while he panics to push her away. "Get away! You're from my head!"

The little girl giggles as she clings to him tighter, "So what? At least you have company."

He grabs her arms, and a new shock unfolds inside him; she felt real. The cold slender fingers from his hand wrapped around her warm skin; she giggled again. "I told you!"

"You told me nothing!"

She lets goes and crosses her arms, sticking her upper lip out. Her frown deepens as she drops to the floor, moving her gaze to an angry site no one could point out.

Charles's heart slowly starts to beat at a normal pace as he turns from his supposed imagination to the window. This window pears out to green fields, and displays a whole new world to him. His expression changes as hungry eyes scan the terrain. Why didn't he notice this before? Was it another figment of his broken mind?

"It looks appetizing, doesn't it Charles?" She asks.

He turns to his side, and sees her looking out the window. Nodding, he replies, "Yes, I haven't seen the day of light in many a year."

A small, sly smile emerges. "Well, then lets go!"

He continues to look at her with a confused face. "What? We can't just...leave!"

Her sickening smile grows, and she jumps up and down in excitement. "Yes, we can...just open the window!"

Charles wasn't going to hear any of this nonsense. Especially, to a girl that's not from this earth, or perhaps, not at all. He rolls his eyes, and moves across the room to sit on the bed. With a loud thud, dust kicks up in the air, and pressure builds in his nose. After sneezing, he rests his back against the wall, and crosses his legs, looking at the window in front of him. Sadness sunk more as he watched his dream through the glass. The display shined in enduring goodness and outer peace. He crosses his arms, and then, immediately took notice that the girl was gone.

"You can rely on me." A gentle whisper spoke in his ear.

He jumps again, and looks to the left. The girl's smile seems different this time. Her eyes were more of glass than of a real human's, and her voice was more serious and deep.

"Rely on what?" He manages to choke out.

"You're my friend, I can light the way for you." She tilts her head slightly, watching him carefully.

Charles felt something inside him as he continued to study the girl. Fear slowly melted away, and his mind cleared to a pure bliss. He suddenly found himself trusting her words, and nodded to her command. "Well, what light is shining in this dark Seclusion?"

She jumps off the bed, and twirls several times in the pink dress, exposing more of her white stockings. She laughs again, and slowly comes to a stop to his knees in perfect balance. He looks into her innocent blue eyes, and notices they were not shifting side to side in a quick rapid motion; she wasn't dizzy.

"Why," she states. "It's outside your window."

He smiles, agreeing with her. "Yes, I know. But, how will I get there?

She places her hands on his lap, her warm fingers soothing his skin through the grey pants. "Follow me."

Charles felt himself being lifted on a cloud. His mind was hazy and slightly dizzy, but he was well aware of the room. His smile widens as he watches himself high above the floor, laughing out loud. He really was in the air! Looking down at the little girl, she also giggles but of a different joy.

"Haste child! What kind of magic would bring me this luck?" He asks.

Her only reply was her laughter as it deepened by the moment. Her face turned into a porcelain color, and her eyes changed from a pure blue to deep red; she isn't from this world. His chuckle soon stops, and confusion stirs in his mind.

The little girl's dress fades into a dark red color, like blood. Her hands clasp to her cheeks, mimicking Charles's expression earlier, and spins around in uneven circles. He starts to struggle, kicking his feet and waving his arms in hopes for the little devil to put him down.

"Dear child, this is madness!"

She doesn't respond and spins faster. His heart speeds up from the panic, and calls for help. He shrieks, but the sound was blocked by her shrill giggles. He stretches out to grab anything, but suddenly yanked back, spinning around the girl. If any mortal eye would call her a girl.

"I am the sun, and you are the moon," She calls to him, "look at the man; he is a loon!"

More laughter breaks out from her as she pulls him faster around in never-ending swirls. He continues to cry, and feels his stomach start to turn while his body pulls from gravity. At the last spin, she stops, and stares at the window. Her face still as stone, and inexpressible. She watches the body crash through the window, sharp glass scattering all over the dusty floor. Then, she tilts her head slightly to the side, and utters one long, last laugh.

The same heavy guard bursts open the door minutes after, and glances around the room. His forehead wrinkles, knowing his instincts did tell him something; Charles was missing.

"Jane, I was right! He escaped!"

He squints his eyes, trying to block the light from the broken window. Keys shake as he moves further in the room, peering over to see the man. "Jane, there you are!" He calls.

An old woman looks up to him with a broom in hand, "Well, of course, damn it! I'm always in the lunch room!"

He looks to her side, and sees a frail body tattered and torn. "My God, what happened to the guy?"

She sighs with frustration, and pulls off her apron, "How the hell should I know! This building is fucked up! Damn judge always keeping loonies like these," she points a crooked finger to Charles, "on the second floor! I'm sick of it!"

The heavy guard nods, turning away from the room. He sighs to himself at the thought of another one dieing from The Seclusion Room. He shakes his head, and gives one last look inside as he grabs the large, golden handle. He scans the four sided area that contain one window, and one bed. Then, something caught his eye. Right in the middle of the floor lays a deep red dress neatly folded, the creased sides parallel with the walls. His lifts a bushy eyebrow, and shakes his head as he closes and locks the door.

"Something evil, heh."