The Court Of Miracles

Who is the monster, and who is the man?

Within the flame dance shadows,
Death plays in its corner and my heart…
Such a thing I have not.

Her long nails tap on the chair,
They shall die
What is it they call mercy?

Though we fade as ghosts
Our laughs ever echo
We are real
You will never be the only outcast

My fate will be the same as hers

Crow curls and amber eyes
Blood lips, angel face
Her name is Justice
Yet her body is Sin

The bells will not ring for you,
Harmony is dead
Your marble features never knew
Nor noticed her prayer

Cry children cry

All is real here
The blind see
The sad sing

My Prince, love
I cannot:
I have no

This is my court of miracles…

AN: This is inspired by the Hunchback of Notre Dame...the's completely different from stuff I used to write before...thought I'd experiment a bit grins. Merry Christmas and all that happy stuff and wishes!