Math is so boring, sure math is like a puzzle, but even the greatest puzzle solvers get sick of them. I still trying to figure out why I volunteered to take another year of it, I don't even know how in the world I got into the class with my previous math grade of a D, when you need a C to get in the stinking class.

Oh, God, here he goes again, talking about having questions on the homework. Yes, one and just one little question. Oh wait, everyone else in the class has fifteen questions, since half don't even start the homework till class starts. Why do I even bother doing my homework, when I can get all the answers and how to work it out each and every problem. I'm surrounded by lazy idiots! Even a snail could do better then they could, since the class has a combined IQ of negative infinity. Can we just skip the fifteen hundred questions? I will ask my question after class like every time. I wonder if he is just as annoyed as I am, trapped by lazy idiots.

Finally, the lazy idiots have been calmed! There is a God! Now we can start learning today lesson that I will never understand in a million years and never use in my life again. I really don't think I can use trigonometry or how to use the quadratic formal, to be a programmer. Sure, I need to be able to do basic math with large numbers, but I don't need to know how to find out the answer to y xb(STUPID). Sure I may need geometry if I go into graphic design, but at least that is easy. I can do that.

Today lesson is on how to find sin, cos, tan, csc, sec and cot, by using the Pythagorean Theorem. Well, you might as well just put how to add two plus two on the board why don't ya? Oh, no here comes the 10 billion questions from the idiot gallery. "How do you square?", "What's the Pythagorean theorem again?", "I don't get this?". Well my only question is can someone put me out of my misery or just give me the homework to do for tonight, so I don't completely waste my life. Oh well, back to my sketch book and doodling. At least I don't need a Pythagorean Theorem to do that.