Chapter 4


The sound of cars and other strange noises echoed in Tess' ears. She raised her head up slowly and opened her eyes. At first she was too shocked to do anything when she saw where she was. She was laying in the middle of a dark alley somewhere in the city. Snowflakes were falling down and Tess shivered as a gust of cold wind blew by.

"Where am I?" she wondered aloud.

Scanning her eyes over her surroundings, Tess realized that she was in the middle of New York City.

"What am I doing here? I'm supposed to be back home with Joanna," Tess said starting to get hysterical.

As her mind raced trying to figure out how she had gotten out in the city she remembered Alexander the collie. He had sent her hear to learn her lesson.

"Oh I'm going to get him for this, whoever he was!" Tess said angrily.

Suddenly she heard several barks and running feet coming up the alley. Soon two dogs appeared, one was a Labrador and the other a dirty Dalmatian. They both looked frightened. When they saw Tess the Dalmatian yelled at her.

"Run little lady!" he yelled.

"Why?" she asked but the two dogs were already out of sight.

Tess turned around and looked down the dark alley waiting to see what it was that the two dogs were running from. Soon out of the shadows appeared a man with a net in his hands. When he saw Tess he stopped and stood very still and then he slowly began to inch closer to her.

"Maybe he can take me back to my home. I have my collar and license on," Tess said and started to walk towards the man. Then she realized that her beautiful collar was gone! Quickly she turned around and began to run down the alley away from the man. The man cried out and began to pursue her. Tess had never done much running before but at that moment she found herself running like the wind. She had no idea where to go or what do to, except run. When she ran out of the alley she saw the Labrador and Dalmatian running across the street and she followed them.

Racing across the busy street Tess dodged the wheels of several cars and she ran through the legs of people who were walking along the street. Her heart was pounding and she had never been so afraid in all of her life. When she reached the other side of the street she followed the two dogs through a park and then to a nearby building that had a no trespassing sign on the door.

She skidded to a stop in front of the building and turned around to see if the man was still chasing her. The man was nowhere in sight and with a relieved sigh Tess turned and walked behind the building. She saw the two dogs go into a hole that was in the side of the building and she hesitated before following them.

"Perhaps they can help me get back home," she said to herself.

With a gulp she crawled through the hole and found herself in an underground junk pile. As soon as she crawled out into the opening a pack of dogs appeared snarling at her.

"Oh my!" she gasped as a big black German shepherd stepped in front of her.

"Missy, I think you're in the wrong house," the German shepherd growled.

"I'm. . .so sorry. It's just that I'm. . .lost and I. . ." the German shepherd cut Tess off before she could explain her situation.

"Get out of here before we turn you into kibble!" the German shepherd barked.

"Dakota, couldn't you at least give her a chance to talk?" a black and white border collie said stepping up beside the German shepherd.

"Mica, you stay out of this," Dakota said gruffly.

"Please Sir, I'm lost and I need to find my home," Tess quickly said.

"How do you think we can help you?" Dakota asked.

"Well I thought that since you were. . .well strays you could help me," Tess said.

"So you're a little pampered pet huh? Well honey you're just going to have to find your little home by yourself. We've got better things to do, like trying to survive. Now get lost!" Dakota barked.

Tess cried out and cowered out from under the building and out into the cold air. When she was out in the open she yelled down in the hole where the pack of stray dogs stood.

"Fine! I don't need help from flea bags and scum like you!" she yelled.

The pack of dogs barked back at her and in fear she turned and ran away from the building and down the street trying to figure out what to do next.

To Be Continued. . .