In The Desert Of My Shame by writerforever

It was hot and dry

The dust blew up around me

And engulfed me in a choking grip

My soul was thirsty and dry

My heart was aching

Pleading and begging

Begging to feel Your touch

I found myself in the desert

I found myself far away from You

I had strayed and managed to stray far away

I disobeyed and did things I shouldn't

When I found myself in the desert place

I grew afraid and I felt alone

I no longer felt You

I fell to my knees in the dust and grime

I begged for Your forgiveness once more

I begged for Your touch

At first I lost all hope

The devil came and made me doubt my Christianity

He made me doubt You, Lord

But in the desert of my shame

A well of sweet heavenly water was suddenly supplied

And a voice so clear and so real whispered

"You are forgiven"

And now my heart is rejoicing

Now my soul is singing

Singing the sweetest name on earth

Jesus! I love you