It was a day like any other, except for the morbid chill that nipped at her bony arms as she stood in the cool October breeze listening intently to the jay bird voiced reverend with tears flooding her eyes. She glared down at the pale soft skinned corpse that was once a lively girl who was always full of life and spirit now lay silently in a red velvet lined coffin, her final resting place. A thought ran swiftly through the grief stricken girl's mind, a normal thought many have and may keep on having.....

That could have been me...

Chapter One: Daydreaming

"Miss Cooper, I know English is boring," the plump middle aged woman scolded from the front of the cramped classroom, "But I'd really appreciate it if you would pay attention at least some of the time in class."

A young brown haired girl sitting in the back corner row of desks snapped her head up with a quick jolt; her dead blue orbs of ice fluttered open and looked around at her surroundings, "S-sorry Ms. Jacobs," she stuttered, "It won't happen again."

Her fellow classmates chuckled under their breaths as she sighed with embarrassment. Her cheeks slowly started to burn a shade of red. "Good work Theo, way to attract attention to yourself. Stupid." she scolded herself.

The clock glared at her, as the teacher kept droning on and on. "Almost three, almost three," she thought to herself."

Theo slowly began to drift off into another daydream about the life she wished she could have the life of a popular girl that didn't have a care in the world. A life of worrying which outfit she would choose for her date with the star football player or any guy for that matter. A booming laugh stole her attention. Theo watched as a young man with dirty blonde wavy locks pointed towards his lesser known buddy with pencils sticking up his nose.

"Matt Johnson. He's so dreamy," she thought, "Gorgeous chocolate brown puppy dog eyes and that perfect pearly white smile, not to mention his perfect sun bleached hair." "Utter perfection." Theo gasped, slapping a hand over her mouth as she realized she was speaking out loud. She quickly glanced around to realize that no one was paying attention to her.

The bell snapped Theo back into reality interrupting her series of thoughts. She watched as her fellow classmates began to pack up their belongings and raced to the door like a herd of wild animals on the scare. Not a care in the world. Theo didn't want to care but it was a habit, she'd feel guilty if she didn't do her homework and get really stressed if she didn't write the assignments down.

"Miss Cooper," Ms. Jacobs said, "I'd like to speak with you please."

"Yes ma'am." she replied quietly.

"You were sleeping in my class again Miss Cooper and yesterday you were daydreaming," Ms. Jacobs sighed, shuffling the papers strewn in front of her, "It's also showing in your work, Theo you flunked the exam we had last week and I know of you loss and how you must still be really hurting but you need to try and pull It together. The end of the school year is not too far away."

Theo winced as if she'd been struck, "I know Ms. Jacobs, I'm really sorry It won't happen again I promise." She quickly blinked back the tears that had formed around her eyelashes.

As she turned to leave with her head tilted down Ms. Jacobs grabbed her hand gently. "Theo I know you think that I think you're just another student," Ms. Jacobs sighed slightly, "I don't think that. You are a terrific writer and a remarkable person and I care a great deal about you. You have a lot of potential, college to think about."

Theo nodded, lost for words. Ms. Jacobs continued, "I want to see you succeed. You deserve to, so please try to wake up and pay attention more. Remember that I am here for you, if you need any extra help I won't bite you know." Theo nodded again and left thinking through all that was said to her.

"Hey! Theo How are you kiddo?" A tall curvy girl with long blonde hair waved and ran to her side, "So I heard you got held back in Ms. what's her name's class what did she have to say?"

"Who are you talking? Oh Ms Jacobs, she just told me to wake up in class and to pay more attention because I failed that exam we had," Theo replied, "My work hasn't been all that great either."

"What a bitch, I can't believe her." The girl growled.

"No she was right Cassie, I have to wake up. I can't keep going on like this like I'm in some sort of daze, schools almost done and I have to smarten up." Theo stared at the ground as if she was in a trance; she then began to kick a rock. "Life's not the same without you." she sighed to herself.

"Doesn't she know what you've been through?" Cassie yelled.

"Cassie quiet down please," Theo shushed.

"Sorry, it just makes me so mad that she doesn't have any compassion." Cassie flipped her thick blonde hair over her shoulder, shaking her head while letting out a long sigh, "I just don't understand you sometimes.

"It's been a month now though." Theo said, "I should be over it now."

"A month, you really think that you should just go back to normal like nothing happened" Cassie bellowed, "You know you really piss me off sometimes, you need to grieve, I haven't seen a tear fall from you eyes at all! Do you not care?"

I know." she whimpered, "I just don't want to talk about it, please just let it go."

"Oh god Theo I'm sorry. I just-" Cassie sighed, finally taking in her friends fragile state, "Look you will never get over it and it will always be there looming over you and I know with time you'll get better but the key word is time."

"Theo you need to let yourself grieve and feel upset it's the first step towards healing and if or when you're ready to talk about it I'm here for you."

She looked back at her friend tears brimming at the edges of her tear ducts, "Thank you Cass that really means a lot to me."

"It's what I'm here for kiddo."

"Look out!"