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Prologue – The Past

It's not just fairy tales that begin with 'Once Upon a Time…'

Back when the original human species or 'Lillan' was in decline, god began, once again, sending Angels to Earth for different purposes. The purposes varied greatly, it could be to heal an elderly person, save a soul from the jaws of a devil, or rip a soul from a body and leave it in limbo until it was ready for reincarnation. The ranks began at the bottom with the messengers, who were the weakest of all the angels, then the healers, then the soul-stealers, the death-bringers, the elementals, the Masters, and then the last rank of angels, before you got to God itself, were the 17 illuminati, and within their circle were the 5 originals – Tabris, the angel of free will and love; Israfel, the angel of arts, purity, and joy; Liliel, the angel of the womb and parental instincts; Ramiel, the angel of defense, protection, and thunder; and Arael, the angel of birds, knowledge, and foresight.

However, soon after the humans began developing a conscious, and self-awareness, and thus a response to the pulling of their heart, not their instincts, Tabris soon descended to Earth and had never returned to heaven. But there had been reports of lower-ranking angels coming into contact of a Lillan man that looked like him, throughout the Lillan existence.

When god officially labeled Tabris "M.I.A.", 200 Earth years after he had vanished, the remaining four became much closer, fearing the loss of another. They did nearly everything together, where there'd be one, there would always be another within shouting distance.

After several hundred years of this, after the dawn of the new millennia, 3000, god decided to let the four merge>, or create second-generation angels. He paired them based on compatibility, paying no heed to their feelings and thoughts on the matter. He paired Liliel with Ramiel, and Israfel with Arael. Although, the four had no choice in the matter, it simply was to be. This made the four very unhappy, but they were all willing to go through with it, all that is, except for Ramiel.

Ramiel descended from the heavens to what was one of the last remaining peaceful nations, that refused to get involved with WW VI, only to find the entire place destroyed. It> walked through the capital city, where the peace conferences were supposed to have been held and came upon a collapsed stage. It looked around, appalled at all the death-bringers that were wandering about, helping souls from their bodies, and taking them to limbo. It was shocked to witness as a death-bringer was forced away from one body and carefully moved over to the body, watching the death-bringers back away from it in respect, and found that the lillan girl-child> was in fact still alive, however badly injured.

Ramiel took the girl to an apartment, whose residents had just recently committed suicide together to avoid the bombing that would never come. It had seen them falling off the balcony together, wrapped in each other's arms. It took the girl inside and easily tended to the injuries she sustained when the stage collapsed. During the month she was unconscious, Ramiel sought out libraries to learn of human nature and what humans needed to survive. It even learned how to make edible food that looked semi-decent.

When the girl finally woke up, it was discovered that she had amnesia. Ramiel, feeling it was necessary for her survival that it stay with her, remained at her side. It decided that it was time that the girl be given a name other than "Lillan girl-child" and so Ramiel went through several books and finally decided to name her "Sullen" because he was unable to pronounce 'satin' correctly and the girl refused to respond to 'Sallen.' (A/n: the fabric, people, not the devil.)

Ramiel spent a year with Sullen, watching her grow, change, and begin to remember things from time to time. Sullen, refusing to call Ramiel an 'it' saying it was degrading, gave it a masculine pronoun, because his form was closer to male than female.

Ramiel began developing feelings for Sullen, feelings different from those he felt for the other angels, god, and the other humans. He was simply happy to be near her, and when she was upset, he became upset as well, and desperately tried to console her. One day Ramiel tried explaining his feelings for her and she simply told him he was in love, though she had no idea why he'd fall in love with her. He proceeded to inquire about her feelings towards him and she quietly said she loved him as well.

Just as the pair shared their first kiss, Israfel and Arael appeared and dragged him back to heaven, back to god and a sobbing Liliel. Liliel quietly asked Ramiel if it loved it, and Ramiel said, "Yes. You are one of me, we were born to be for each other, but you are only family, nothing more." Liliel inquired if he was willing to go through with God's will, and Ramiel simply replied "No." When Liliel asked why, it replied, "Because I have given my heart to another."

With those words, Liliel's heart was shattered, and god flew into rage. It ripped off Ramiel's right arm and ordered that no one would help him and to rip his right wings to shreds. Soon after, Ramiel was left alone; he descended to Earth, and back to Sullen's embrace.

He silently healed his shoulder to the best of his abilities as Sullen began sobbing against his chest.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm useless…I cant do anything right…I couldn't even protect the one I love.."

Soon after, a death-bringer arrived and aimed one of his needles at Ramiel, only to end up sending Sullen's soul to limbo when she leapt in front of the needle in order to save Ramiel. Then the death-bringer pulled Ramiel's soul from it's body and sent it to limbo as well.

Soon after finding out that god had sent a death bringer to kill Ramiel, and anyone that got in it's way, the remaining three carried on long enough for Arael and Israfel's child to grow independent of its parents, then one by one, they descended to earth and committed suicide, feeling worthless and unable to move on, and finding little purpose in serving a god who felt nothing towards his most loyal subjects.

Author's note: well? …Well?! What did you think of the Prologue, cruddy, right? Filled with pointless-ness I'm SO VERY Sorry!! But it is necessary, I assure you!

Explanations (in order of appearance)

Merge - Angels have no genders, so they extend their auras and take a human soul from limbo and place it in the result of the merge.

It - angels have no genders, so I'm using "it" since the English language has no better pronoun.

Girl-child - she's in her late teens, but since Ramiel is so old…good thing he only looks in his early twenties..

This is only a few years before God created the different dimensions, and only a few centuries before god picks up a few thousand different people, throws them into different dimensions and destroys all life on Earth and begins from scratch.