A Luciferian Sojourn


After your kisses and sweet words

Had lulled me to sleep,

A man appeared beside my bed.

Gently as you do to brush away my fears

He took my hands within his own.

They felt smooth and silky,

Far more comforting than yours.

He smiled down upon me,

Brilliant white parting a sea of darkness,

I could not help but smile back at his face

Though it be hidden in the shadows.

I asked him who he was,

And he simply told me he was the monster under my bed,

The one which you so often said was not real.

But I tell you now, the monster's real,

Yet not as scary as once imagined.

Soothingly he brushed the hair back from my eyes,

As he began telling me a story.

It was about a man thrown out of heaven

And how he had thrived to build himself a kingdom.

I had heard the story before,

Yet never in such a triumphant tone.

The man painted an image of the kingdom,

His kingdom he told me,

It was magnificent and beautiful,

With walls of onyx stone

Engraved with silver images of great heroes.

It was always warm in his kingdom,

Never was snow felt to nip at your toes,

Nor winds blow that cause sickness.

He asked me then,

If I would follow him to this world,

Lavishly dressed in all of my dreams.

I asked if I could speak with you about the decision,

Yet he told me you would not understand the gift he was offering.


And please weep not for my departure,

I am going to a place not so bad--

I took his hand and left,

Following not the lighted tunnel I believed was the path,

But journeyed down through a midnight passage in the floor.

Have no fear for my safety,

The man assured me that there is light,

Akin to blazing fires,

At the end of this tunnel

In his kingdom under the world.