From Death, With Love

My dearest,

Take this robe--

Frown not at the blood

It is not mine or yours--

And wipe away the tainted crystals

Cascading gently down this rose petal.

Beauty such as it, should never weep,

For efflorescence is nigh.

I beg thee, my love,

Place thy chalice down,

Let not the masquerading plague touch thy rosy lips.

Smile and dance, for Life is amorous of you.

Golden rays and silken rains cleanse you daily.

I can not so pamper your delicate porcelain frame.

I pray, beloved angel, grip joy not despair,

We shall meet again, save not in haste.

For in winter, the warmth of comfort is gone,

Even fair autumn frowns upon the sweet rose.

Live my dearest, live if only for me.

For in death, love can no longer exist,

And I long to love thee