I've been in contact with you
A few months
Things used to be how I wanted them to
Be, before I started lacking something special

Apparently, I slipped away
Without even knowing it
Though I'll miss the way
You held me in high regard

So I contemplate on this little bright poem
Though it's starting to get dark and dreary
If it could fix my own
I'd read it every day

If that's what you want-
For me to leave
Then I'll pack my things
And get out of the way

I turned to you, my friend
Whom I most dearly love, still
I hold you in high respect, friend
But you handed me "Time will tell"

I'm concious to the fact
We're falling from grace
But that won't stop me from this act
To try to win you back with my sublime face

I never thought
I'd fall alone
I fell to wreck
Without you, once more

I'm almost too depressed
To carry on
But you'll be touched
When I'm gone