At night you always visit me

Your eyes so dark and empty

Yet full with sky, and; with love

Your fingers run down my body

Curtains fly open with the wind

The way angels spread their wings

The bruised sky watches over

Your body on mine; pinned

The instinct between me and you

Like we're one, no longer a separate two

Watching, moving, talking, turning

Two streams joined to form one river blue

Your arms of warm, smooth, solid stone

Envelope me alive under the moon

So pale white, pure, solemn, alone

Now I'm the sun; in love: thrown

The way you rock me back and forth

And put out your hand as a reflex, so soft

Holding me, right when I'm cold

Me, laughing and falling, melting back to our mould

Little things, which cannot be told

Or written, or expressed simply at all

Your grip on me, your brown sweet arms

Soften my lips, un-crease my eyes and I am calm

Your reassuring laugh, and smile

Your take on reality, there is no denial

The true, untouched feelings you have always for me

Becomes a web, a veil, which I cannot help but see

The touch you have on me with you

Like you made my body and understand it too

Mapped it out and put me together

And now you finally know how to make my heart, flutter.