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Cold wind swirled around the gathered crowd, each person curiously peering at the hotel that had been blocked off with bright, yellow crime tape. It was a grand hotel. A popular hotel. And now it would become an infamous hotel. The news reporters' minds were already reeling with headline titles for their spotlight reports. One would declare: "Just Married. Just Murdered." Another would compete with: "Deadly Wedding Night!" While still another would quip in: "Quentin Tarantino Inspired Wedding Chapel Tragedy." The reports would be repeated for days, even weeks, in fact this event could possibly be remembered for months or years. When a famous celebrity such as Elisabeth Rose Hareton was murdered directly following her long-awaited marriage to her childhood sweetheart, Ryan Brooks, news soars. So, what exactly occurred on this unfortunate evening? That is precisely what everyone was trying to figure out.

The time: 4:00 AM, January 2nd, 2005. The place: Hotel Prince de Galles in Paris, France. The people: practically every single member of the media plus most of the hotel's guests who had been awakened at the ruckus that the celebrity's death had created and of course the dozen or so top detectives that had jumped at the opportunity to discover the murderer of the beloved actress.

Eventually the gaping crowd dwindled as people realized how late it had become and how tired they had become and sadly enough, how bored they had become. So, as the public began to return to their luxurious rooms, the detectives began to narrow out to only a few of the best who had been assigned the task of sending away the media before turning all their attention to the discovery of the truth to the honeymoon murder. The few selected detectives would not rest until they had finished. Elisabeth Rose's family would never permit it. Miss Hareton's fame did not begin with her personal ascent into movie stardom, it began the second she was born. Her parents lives had made Elisabeth a celebrity from infancy.

Mrs. Hareton, better known as Katherine Lilly (see it was sort of a family tradition for the women's middle names to be called after a flower; Elisabeth Rose had already chosen her own daughter's name: Bethany Daisy), became famous at age sixteen when she discovered that she could sing and then introduced her amazing talent to the world. Before she turned twenty-one, Katherine Lilly had already toured America three times and Europe twice with her three, top-selling albums.

Mr. William Hareton got his start in theatre. When he was only eighteen, William starred as Marius in a New York Broadway production of Les Meserables. In the years following, he moved to California and joined the craziness of Hollywood and managed to maneuver his way to the top of the leading actors of the world.

Even before her birth, it was in Elisabeth Rose's destiny to become famous. And she had succeeded brilliantly. However, no matter how many magazine covers she graced during her acting career, Elisabeth Rose's name sold over twice as many magazines and newspapers after her death. That seems to be the sad fate that follows a celebrity's life.