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Detective Jordan, the assigned 'leader' of the Brooks murder, wasted no time tracking down family and close friends from around the globe. Elisabeth Rose's parents were currently vacationing on the beaches of Fuji. Ryan's parents were the easiest to find at their beachfront home along the California coast in Malibu. But parents were never any help in these sorts of cases. They rarely knew any accurate information about their children. For the most part, all that could be pulled from a parent' s knowledge was unoriginal facts such as date of birth and high school attended. The real help lies with the friends, the close ones; the friends that barely missed a dinner with the deceased. Detective Jordan had been through enough murder cases to know who to contact for helpful information. In the case of Elisabeth and Ryan, the real help could be found in their shared best friend, Andrew Bryant.

"Look, I'll tell you exactly what I told the last guy that interrogated me: I don't know anything useful!" Andrew Bryant stated with an insistence that was lethargic enough to be passed off as nonchalant yet said sharply enough for any true detective to sense a deeper meaning behind the words.

Detective Jordan, who prided herself on being one of the best detectives of her LA bureau, missed nothing in Mr. Bryant's tone. She scribbled down quick notes in her spiral flipbook, including a few seemingly unimportant details such as how the young interviewee kept his back to her while meticulously gelling his black hair into a fashionable fohawk, all the while staring into the mirror that hung on the minimally decorated walls of his contemporary condo.

"I apologize for the redundancy of the questioning, Mr. Bryant, but one can never be too careful. And considering your close relationship with both victims, you are unfortunately a key person to be interrogated, as you say." Detective Jordan informed him without an ounce of actual remorse. She was well aware that this was Mr. Bryant's fifth questioning session that week, and she understood how irritating detectives could be, but she firmly believed that he held more information than he would share and so she gave him no pity for his situation.

"Whatever, can we just get this over with, I've got an appointment."

Detective Jordan jotted down a note regarding the briskness of Mr. Bryant's tone as he moved away from the mirror and shifted his attention to searching for his keys. "I will be brief then Mr. Bryant, so as not to keep you, but if I do not get what I need I will need to make another interview appointment with you, sometime soon."

"I am a very busy man, Detective."

"I am aware of your demanding schedule." Detective Jordan informed him unsympathetically. "And I would never dream of asking you to reschedule a photo shoot for the sake of government cooperation..." She declared theatrically. "However…"

"I get the point ma'am." Andrew Bryant, though self-consumed on all levels, was not completely ignorant, specifically in the area of females. He was not above realizing that the detective sitting in his condo, and eyeing him with her expertly trained honey-brown eyes, was worthy of any man's attention. He finally turned his full attention to her with a comfortable tilt of his head and a relaxed half-grin that typically made women swoon. And as he assumed, the effect was not lost on the confident detective. She momentarily dropped her eyes from his steady gaze with his ocean-blue eyes and forced herself to focus on her notes.

"I thought you would." Detective Jordan cleared her throat, with a hint of unusual timidity. "Now, back to my questions."

"As you say, you will have to make another appointment with me anyway, and I am already running late for my meeting, and this is one that I really can't cancel, so how about we say 'goodbye' for today and you can finish your questions at our next meeting." Mr. Bryant interrupted forcefully. "Say, tomorrow evening, over dinner?"

Detective Jordan let out a soft gasp. "Mr. Bryant, I do not believe dinner would be the best atmosphere for an investigative conversation."

"I believe we would both be more at ease in a public environment, and I can always speak more freely over lobster and a glass of cabernet." He straightened up and pulled on a stylish leather jacket. "And please, call me Andrew."

She was left speechless as he opened the door and waved her through it. She was still in stunned silence as she exited the elevator in the lobby of his building and climbed into her car. It was the first time in an eight-year career that Detective Angeline Jordan had been out-talked by an interviewee.