The New Year

By:Andrew Troy Keller

2991 had began as a time of great cheer,

For there has been peace throughout the year

Between all the nations of the planet

Known as Earth--and on this very day,it

Is tme for us all to celebrate another year

Of peace and friendship with other beings

That are on planets that are beginning

To try to make it to the stars and

Travel to other worlds that are so grand.

We do believe that they'll be traveling

To our planet with an understanding of peace

And goodwill for all the other spieces

Within the vast reaches of the galaxy.

And we shall welcome such goodwill,for we

Are also willing to give the sign of peace

To those who wish to become our new friends.

And so,the year known as 2991 ends

And the new year of 2992 begins with our

Newfound friends coming within the hour

To New York City's own west end.