All the time

you say how 'great' I am

but no one great

would do what I have done

hurt people in ways I have

I have told secrets

and told lies

I have played with hearts

and played with minds

I have hurt everyone around me

though some don't know it yet

they deny it

you deny it

don't you realize that

I'm using you

all of you

and I can't stop myself from doing it

this greatness is beyond

my control

I love knowing I control you

I love knowing that my word is all

I bask in the knowledge

of being able to affect

how you feel

how you think

It's glorious and powerful

most of all

it's evil

And it's growing deep within me

it seems that

I am so innocent

so nice

so kind

so loving and caring

I seem to be all this

but no

I am rude

I am controlling

I am powerful

I am darkness in all it's sinful glory

and yet

you call to me still

how foolish

how petty

you should have killed

this greatness

when you had the chance