Come down from this high

gain a clear head

that comes with clear thoughts

and a moral conscience

come down, come crash

and feel suddenly

what I should have felt all along

is this regret I feel

or shame of not feeling regret?

Is this shame I feel

or hurt of not feeling shame

Is this hurt I feel

of happiness of not feeling hurt?

I don't understand

and questions come quicker to mind

than any answers

and suddenly

I'm overloaded

with thought

and burden

until I'm not quite sure

why I was thinking about any of it at all

does it matter?

Should I care?

What is wrong anyway?

A sigh does nothing

to rid me of this confusion-


The room is spinning

and I don't know why

did you spin it as you left

the left the door slam

ever so lightly

why don't you

come back

kiss me

and make me stop

with all this thought


I don't know

I don't ...