Forgive me

these words- that I say:

love you

why is it

that the absence of

that little pronoun

takes all

depth and passion

from these words


it's just a farewell

a bidding

nothing more

than parting words

not the commitment

not the vow

not the proclamation

that all of us wait for

and long for

a vague security

in the forever changing emotion

we call love

we fall so quickly in and out of it

and we call it falling,

causing there's nothing else to describe

such an act


don't you always awake

in a dream

before you hit the ground

cause no one knows what

it's like

to truly love

to truly hate

and to be anything

for sure

so we wake up


wake up

before we hit the bottom

before we end our fall


we don't know

what it truly feels like

so as we fall

dear friend

won't you please

wake up