He loves her insanely

With every fiber of his madness.

She is braided into his soul.

In a crazed trance does he obsess.

He is the living devil,

That has never known a moment's affection.

Ranting, raving, loving, hoping…

And his love is her affliction.

He drags her down into his darkness

And submerges her soul with his need.

This is a love of addiction.

He must starve her to feed.

Maniacal genius, demented angel...

Who knows no better than to take at will.

The innocent child behind his eyes cries

But knows no better but to kill

His distortion causes sickness

And fear

In all that he loves

And holds so dear.

And yet he is her favorite poison.

She loves him with every drop of her sanity,

For she finds a heaven in hell

And her passion through his insanity.