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Love is in the Airplane

It is 39 minutes to ten on a crisp Saturday morning in London. Not that the day makes too much difference to life at Heathrow airport. Every hour of every day is the same. Impatient business people rushing to meetings on the other side of the country, and Groups of tourists taking their final breaths of English air, before they return home, these last weeks turning to only memories. Families farewelling loved ones, and relations that they can't wait to see the end of. Single adventurers wanting to explore the world alone, sporting teams heading north to see if they truly the best. And love. A lot of love.

However, this morning, between the everyday travellers and their suitcases, stood a red haired girl, with only a small bag on her back. She had be lining up at the ticketing counter at Heathrow for at least forty minutes, but finally she heard the sweetest words in the English language

"Next Please"

Well, the sweetest for now, anyway.

"How may I help you?"

"Hi. I'd like a ticket to Melbourne. In Australia, please"

"For what date of travel, Ma'am?"

"Oh, today please! Next flight, if possible"

"Well ma'am, I'm not sure if that will be possible. We only have one flight today, and that is leaving" She glanced at her watch "In one hour, five minutes"

"Well, I really don't have any other plans for the day…." Caitlin looked at the ticket officer in anticipation.

"The gate will close in 15 minutes, and it will take about that time to get half way down the baggage check-in line I would say. And you'll need to go though immigration. I suppose you do have travel documents?"

"I have my passport"

"Sweetheart, I really think this needs more preparation. How long are you planning to stay? Is there someone to pick you from the airport, or will you get a taxi? What company? Will you sit in the front or back? Then where will you go? A motel, hotel, B&B, caravan park, tent? Will you try to speak Australian? It's all very well to say G'day, but do you know the meaning of dunny? And food? Do you like vegemite? What if you don't? And those kangaroos-"

"But is there a seat on that flight?" Caitlin cut in "I need only enough time to say three words to someone. So I won't need what ever you call those things you need to stay, or have any luggage to check in. Can you book me a ticket?"

"Well as it happens, there is one cancellation in economy. But I'll need an airfare. And are you sure you have time to check in and go though immigration? All of these take a lot of time."

"Yes, yes, yes! I need that seat!"

"Very well then, but we won't hold the plane for you if you are still stuck in an immigration line. Or a duty free shop line for that matter…."

"I can do this. Easy!"

"Good Luck then. But, really, next time it might be a better idea to book a little in advance though a travel agent"

"Plan? Me? And really, how could I have planned that I was going to fall in love with Danny the moment he left the country for good?"

Caitlin passed the extremely long line that led to the baggage check in, thankful that she was a light traveller. 'Well, kinda more like I didn't think to pack a suitcase than travelling light on purpose.'

At the front of that line stood Terry.

"Melbourne, QF 142" He said to the attendant, as he lifted his 'We will rock you London' Suitcase onto the scales. "Just this to be checked in, thanks."

In another queue......

"I am going to miss you" Brenna said, grinning at Archie

"Really" He asked, mock-hopefully

"Of course! Your insults, you ego deflating comments, Those huge eyebrows, Your stinking out chin…" She dodged a playful slap "….Your stupid greasy, messy hair-"

As If! He said smugly. "You can hardly keep your hands off my hair"

"Only 'cause I want to pull it, to cause you a lot of pain"


"You expected something different?"

"Well, no"

They fell silent for a moment, a situation that happened very rarely in the two years that Brenna and Archie had known each other.

"Well it only is going to be two months that I'm going to be depriving you of my wonderful presence for"

"Are you sure it's safe for you to go for that long with out me there to deflate that huge ego of yours?"

"Ego? What ego? Hey, will you still promise me that when I get back your taste in shoes will have improved?"

"What's wrong with these?"

"They're pink. And they must be three inches high!"

"Four, actually"

"Wow, you're shorter than I thought"

"Shut up"



"Short and weak, hey"

"Remind me why I said I'd miss you?"

" 'Cause I'm so wonderf- Oh shit! My passport! My parents have it


"Well, now you can have the pleasure of looking for them with me"

"No thanks. I have massive blisters, and tramping though an airport will not make them better"

"Note the rolling eyes. But 'poor you' does come first"

"Thanks…I think…..But I will stay in the line for you"

"Wow, thanks"

"Hey, it's only 'cause I don't want you to miss your plane. I want to get rid of you"

Archie poked his tongue at her. Brenna winked.

Archie made his way in the direction that he thought his parents went off in. On his way, he passed a large mass of teenagers, about eighteen years old, adding just another degree to the congestion at the airport that morning. In the middle of that crowd stood a tall girl with jet black hair, and a medium build girl, with a slightly shorter boy, with chestnut hair, and a lime coloured shirt. This was Irene, and her boyfriend Griffin.

"This is so cool, Irene, I can't believe you are really going, and for a whole year too!"

Irene looked over at her friend "I'm so scared though" she confessed "But at least I'll have Griffin to look after me!" She grabbed his arm, and put it around her shoulder, they smiled at each other.

"My god, you two, you have a whole year together to stare at each other"

"And you aren't seeing us for quite a time" Another friend joined in

"Yeah, sorry. Ok" Irene stumbled, trying to remember what she was talking to the girls about. It couldn't have been that interesting, she concluded. "I will miss all you terribly" she continued, trying to sound as sincere as possible. "And I will email you. Once a week or something"

A chorus of her friends started

"As if Irene"

"Yeah, as if"

"I'll be shocked if you remember to eat when all you can think of is him"

"How true!"


Irene stiffened. "Well at least he understands me. We just enjoy being with each other, ok?"

The group fell silent. A few looked at each other uneasily, a few rolled their eyes, but Sylvii, stepped forward from her place at the edge of the group. "We're sorry Irene. We're just jealous, that's all." She gave Irene a quick hug "What I wouldn't give to go jetting off to Australia for a year alone. Well, not alone, exactly, but you know what I mean."

"Not alone at all" Irene stated, failing to hide her smug smile "I'll never be alone again" With that, She turned away from Sylvii, and snuggled into Griffin's arms.

On the other side of that forbidding baggage check-in line...

....was flight attendant Cheryl, and her supervisor, Heather.

"Are the business class meals sorted out yet?" Heather asked wearily

"Roast beef salad, with pine nuts. Can you believe? It's sickening, the innocent slaughter of cattle simply for an in-flight meal"

Heather cut her off. "Are they in the cooler? The right amount?"

"Yes, would you believe, not one single one of these snobby businesspeople and rich travellers is a vegetarian? They-"

"Cheryl. Forget about cows for one minute. Are the drinks for rows 23 though 32 organised?"

"Complete with trolley, but the packaging on that jui-"

"Meals for those same rows?"

"Yes, yes, yes, all sorted. I did those first. 11 vegetarians in this cabin. I am impressed"

"That could be because the ten founders of the 'Mary the Shepard Save Our Sheep Association' are flying with us today"

"Oh wonderful! There are way too few humans as thoughtful as they sound in today's world! How about we announce a special welcome to them, like we do our one world customers, and we could-"

"Cheryl" Heather snapped "Meals. Focus. Lunch?"

"I said yes, I'm not st-"


"Pork! would you beli-"

"Breakfast?" Heather continued, ignoring Cheryl completely by now

"Yes!" Cheryl replied indignantly. Eleven single serve cereals for those passengers with morals, and….Oh crap."

"What is it Cheryl?" Heather asked sternly

"Well, nothing really…"

"Cheryl…" Heather's voiced pierced the air.

"I mean, it's not like they deserve to eat…"

"Oh Cheryl!"

"Really, we're saving the lives of animals…"

"You forgot the bloody breakfasts, didn't you."

" I, well…."

"Don't speak." Heather said, her voice dangerously low. "No excuses. Just turn around, and walk out that door, and find your passengers something to eat!"

Cheryl obeyed and in her hurry walked straight past the pilot, Oliver.

"Miss steward?" Oliver's deep voice snapped Cheryl out of her trance "Everything fine in the cabin?"

"Oh Oliver. Hi. Yeah, everything's fine. fine fine fine. Yeah, fine."

"Cheryl!" Heather screamed down the aisle

"I better go, gotta fly, you know" Cheryl quickly said

Arh Cheryl thought to herself as her walked off. Why, of all people is he the only one that I simply can not but together a single sentence around? Really, how does Heather expect my to remember a few ham, cheese and tomato sandwiches with him around?

Back in the check-in queue

Eppi brushed her blue hair away from her face. She was going to get in so much shit for this, she thought. She glanced at the rows and rows of people in front of her waiting to check in bags. She figured she had enough time to determine exactly how much was so much. She pulled out her notebook and a pen.

'Reasons why my parents might be mad at me' she wrote

#1 My mum might have wanted her frequent flyer points for her own usage.

#2 I didn't exactly tell any of my friends where I was going. Not that they would have cared, they stopped caring right after I started caring about Arthur

#3 Oh Shit! What if they ask him! Then he'll know I'm running away because of him!

#4 Maybe my dad will miss the money I took from his key-card account….

#5 Maybe I should have written more than three sentences for a goodbye note.

Eppi thought back to the note she left for her parents on their bed.

Hey Mum Dad

Yeah, I'm going to Australia. Sorry, but I have to get away, to clear my head, you know. Don't worry about me, Melbourne's tame compared to London

Cya, Luv Eppi

#6 So, fine, I lied in that note too. I don't just need to clear my head; I need to fully get away. To forget about Arthur and Elizabeth. But I couldn't have told them the truth. Every time I think of the truth, I cry.

#7 My dad will figure how broke I am when he sees how I had to pay for airport taxes with his credit card. And he hates people who don't spend money wisely.

#8 They will realise that I had my discman turned up full volume when they had been lecturing me about how not to let my life revolve around boys. But I didn't, until Arthur. He was the exception, he was special. Before Elizabeth came along

#9 My love for Arthur must have been more than my love for them.

#10 They always told me to stay and fight, but I'm running away.

"Excuse me."

Eppi looked up, and saw a lady pulling a suitcase with the words 'We Will Rock You' plastered on the sides. "Are you ok?" She asked Eppi

"Yeah, Of course" Eppi stated to say, but stopped short when she felt a tear drop rolling down her face.