It had been calm travelling for approximately half an hour now, after half an hour of turbulence, but tempers in row 24 were not calming. Irene had humbly made her way back to her seat, after discovering that in her time of solitude in the bathroom, a line of at least ten impatient, annoyed passengers had formed waiting for her to exit.

She hadn't spoken to anyone since, and especially not apologise to Griffin, instead simply burying her head in his shoulder.

Cheryl was not Speaking to Eppi, and Eppi had made it Crystal clear that she couldn't care less. Archie was leaning as far away from Irene as possible, scared of what both she and Griffin would do if the turbulence incident was repeated. And Caitlin was quite disappointed that the people she met on the flight weren't going to her friends for life.

'This wasn't how my dream flight on my way to Danny is meant to be! It's meant to be perfect, that's how it is in movies!' She wanted to make this flight as memorable as possible.

"Ok everybody" She said impulsively "let's play a game"

"No" Eppi responded flatly.

"I will if she's not" Cheryl said, pointing at Eppi

"That sounds really immature" Irene responded, blinking her long, mascara-covered eyelashes.

"Sigh" responded Griffin

Archie was too busy remembering about Brenna and her interesting goodbye method, which had been pushed to the back of his mind during turbulence, to reply.

Caitlin refused to give up. "I spy with my little eye….something beginning with 'S', she tried.

"Some snappy shut up spoken by someone? Eppi suggested sarcastically. "No one wants to play your stupid annoying games."

"Fine." Caitlin said. How about Truth or Dare? That's always fun"

"I don't exactly feel comfortable revealing secrets to strangers." Irene said haughtily. "That's what we are, you seem to have forgotten. We met like what, 5 hours ago, at take off. You can forget me revealing any truths, or making a fool out of myself with immature dares." Irene was in no way positive about Caitlin's suggestion.

"And really," Archie laughed, "It's not as if we could have anything more to ask Miss Blue Hair, since she went and revealed all there is to know to every single passenger, thanks to the loud speaker. And Irene, they're more strangers than I am to you."

"Well I have a question for you, Caitlin," said Irene lazily. "When are you going to leave us alone?"

"And can someone please ask Eppi exactly what her problem is!" Cheryl asked harshly.

"And Irene, we get that you're beautiful and everything, but why do you think that we're gonna worship you?"

"Well truth for Archie." Griffin repined quickly "Why have you been flirting non-stop with Irene? All this time you've been saying 'Oh no, Brenna's not my girlfriend', and when you kept insisting that the something more beautiful song wasn't about Brenna, Hinting that you're singing about a more beautiful girl. You've constantly been calling Irene beautiful!"

"Shut up! Shut up, everyone!" Caitlin yelled over all the commotion. And everyone, shocked that the constantly happy girl could scream like she did, actually obeyed. A man a few rows behind sarcastically applauded their silence.

"I can see why truth or dare may not be the answer" Caitlin went on a little more sweetly. "So, Archie, give me your hand"

"Gone off Danny boy a little?" Archie teased

"Well I can clearly see why your Brenna would be inclined to insult you in a different language, but never mind. Close your eyes" Caitlin ordered

"Is this murder..?" Archie asked, mock terrified

"You didn't start the truth or dare fight, therefore I have no motive. Now close."

When Archie obeyed, Caitlin traced a letter onto his palm. "What letter did I draw?" She asked him.



"Now, I'm going to write a word, one letter at a time. Don't say the answer out loud, but pass it to Irene, then to Grif, then up to Eppi" Catlin instructed

"Or not to me as the case may be…" Eppi snapped.

"Don't be so scared of having fun" Caitlin laughed. "Everyone's playing. That is an order."

Amazingly, everyone obeyed Caitlin, Even Irene, who didn't want to miss out on an opportunity to touch Griffin, and Eppi, who almost smiled as she said

"If it will keep me restrained from announcing all my pathetic problems to the entire plane, fine."






Caitlin traced out on Archie's hand, who passed to Irene, who passed to Griffin, who had to walk around to block of seats to trace on Eppi.

"Crazy obsessive person" Eppi said, rolling her eyes. "This Danny is that worth it, hey. Actually, spare us the details."

Caitlin laughed. "Well done, team" Eppi cringed and the cliché "Pick a word Archie" Caitlin continued. "No" She said upon seeing him pause "Just pick the first word that comes to mind."

Archie shrugged, and wrote on Irene's hand.

"Huh?" Irene questioned. "Do the first letter again."

No, no, no" Caitlin said. "Just draw what you felt"

Irene was starting to get her 'that is so stupid, why am I bothering with this' expression on her face, so Griffin stepped in.

"Trace my hand Irene," He said softly "and together we can figure out what those confusing letters are."

This seemed to work, and Irene commenced tracing onto Griffin's hand.

'M-E-L-S-H' Griffin wondered. 'What kind of word is that? Oh well, it could be the Brenna girl's last name. Or the name of her chicken or something' He stopped wondering and walked over to Eppi.

'What the hell?' Eppi thought. 'If I'm bothering to do this it may as well be a real word. M-E-L-S-A! I've never heard of such a stupid word in my life. I guess that irritating Caitlin deserves an impossible word.'

She began to trace.

'M-E-L-Z-A' Caitlin felt "Wow, so Brenna has some competition, hey?"

"Huh?" Archie replied

"In Melza…." Caitlin hinted

"Who the hell is Melza?" Archie was now totally confused

"That's what was traced in me…" Caitlin insisted

"Um…yeah. I wrote 'Welsh' and I really don't think this is working. Especially since I got accused of cheating on my girlfriend, who is not my girlfriend, with a non existent girl….Thumb war, Grif?" Archie asked

Griffin quickly agreed, as he did not want to be expected to choose a word. He would have been expected to trace 'I-R-E-N-E and he wanted to trace I-R-E-N-E, he really did. 'I love her, for crying out loud!' The problem was, I-R-E-N-E was not the name he was spending most time thinking about, and He would have most probably found himself tracing "S-Y-L-V-I-I on to Eppi's palm. Which would have a lot of consequences.

Griffin trust his fist at Archie. "1 2 3 4 I declare a thumb war. Bow, shake, kiss, start!"

The two boys fought, basically, over the top of Irene. Irene, therefore, reclined her chair back, squashing the passengers in the row behind her.

'Though,,' She though 'If I got hit, Grif would have to come and comfort me, so he would stop playing immature games, and come and comfort me. An interesting thought…'

Games I do Not want to Play Eppi wrote

#1 I spy. I can't spy something beginning with 'A' ie. Arthur, therefore it's depressing.

#2 Animal, vegetable, mineral. Arthur is a valuable mineral; hard to find, easy to loose. Elizabeth is an animal; a total cow. And me? I'm a vegetable. I have a thick protective covering, but it's easy to cut me up, and mash my heart.

#3 Snap. Not every thing comes in pairs.

#4 Hangman. Why should you be hung if you can't spell?

#5Travel scrabble. I never want to touch another scabble board after Elizabeth won the family game.

#6 Anything that involves a lot of social interaction

#7 Thumb wars. That game looks dangerous. If I didn't know any better, I'd feel sorry for Irene, stuck in the middle like she is. Oh look, Archie elbowed Irene in the head. Now Irene is yelling at Archie while Grif has his arm around her

#8 Who am I? That game implies you don't know your own name.

#9 Some dictionary game Grif is now proposing to calm Archie and Irene down.

# 10 The game of love.

"So, I choose a word, say a definition, and you tell me whether it's the truth, or if I made it up." Griffin explained

"Sounds like a nerd game" Archie laughed

"Griffin is a nerd. A total nerd." Irene said

"Anyway…." Griffin opened the dictionary. " 'Platyhelminth.' A term for the protective covering in the mouth of mammals. True or False?"

"Err, False?" Archie said, his concentration already drifting away.

"Correct" Griffin said, surprised. He handed Archie the dictionary. Your turn."

"This thing is insanely heavy!" Archie commented.

"Well," Griffin began proudly, "It does contain 15 different languages: English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish,. Italian, Indonesian, Welsh, Chinese,…"

"Welsh!" Archie interrupted "You serious? You had a welsh dictionary, and you didn't tell me?"

Griffin looked a little confused, then said

"Oh that's right. You never found out what it was that that girl said to you"

"No! You damn right I didn't!...Ahem. Not that I care what some annoying girl said, but whatever….Nonetheless, if i could have a look…"

"Darl," Cheryl said leaning over, "You're not fooling anyone. The entire five hours, you've done nothing but stare at those words."

"So," Eppi said. "Just hurry the hell up and figure out what she bloody said, and leave the rest of us in peace!"

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