no offramps on this
information highway.
No road signs, no
rest stops-
just speed and the
seven deadly sins

It's such an
addiction; come back and check
your email inbox every
day, every hour, half-hour quarter-hour minute second
always excruciatingly empty
but you'll keep
coming back and back.
It's the nature of the thing.

Insult people with that
white-glowing monitor
of yours, that coffee-stained
keyboard, that top-of-the-line
wireless optical mouse; they're like the
whips and muskets of the XXIst century.
Be a coward and
shout scream tease bully
the innocent
on the other side of the globe
because you're so weak they're better than you
but you Lie.

You're so power-hungry it's
sickening. Pull over
get out of the car