April 05 2004

Thoughts of an unnamed Earth Space Explorer

by Zuzanny

Part 1

The Iniri are and interesting people. Interesting to look at and interested in us. They have a childlike curiosity that is indearing, but also tended to make you forget you are talking to an adult. At least I think they are all adults. It's kind of hard to tell. It's hard to tell a lot of things about them.

I was sitting across from the Iniri 'ambasidor' or 'tour guide' depending on the situation. Our table was closest to the shuttle window and he pressed his face against the superplex to see his jungle from a different angle I guess.

Harry is what we call him, since his actual name is rather complicated. He doesn't seem to mind that we don't have the vocal cords, just shrugs and smiles his bright smile. He can speak English almost perfectly now, just clarifying his understanding occasionally. Iniri are incredibly fast learners.

The Iniri, are as I said before, interesting to look at. Harry is pale skinned, almost porcelain white with hair to match. His ears are in the same place as we humans, but are shaped more like a cats, complete with dark markings on the tips. His eyes are sort of violet with green specks. Rather spectacular. (HA!) He is shaped with the lean muscle of a teenaged boy, with his hair hanging low to his backside like a girl. From what I have seen all the Iniri look like this, effeminate yet masculine. Perhaps I have only seen the men of their kind. Either that or the women just don't have breasts.

Harry looked back at me over his shoulder and smiled before sitting back at the table. They are amazing really, so human looking despite the differences. I poured him some more water which he savours like it is the finest wine. It must be different taste buds or something. I'll have to ask the meds who examined him a few hours previously. I'm surprised he was not even remotely embarrassed about submitting to a physical, but perhaps he simply had no idea what to expect. Despite being fast learners the Iniri are mild mannered and I would say a tad simple minded.

"So what do you think of our space station?" I asked.

"It's amazing!" Harry replied. "We never knew that traveling through the stars was possible let alone that there could be other races. Your level of technology is remarkable." He fell silent and frowned down at his glass, running a finger tip around the rim.

"What is it?" I ask.

Harry hesitated, then cocked his head to the side giving me an uncharacteristicly serious look. "We have no technology to trade with you, so what is it your people are really after?"

I gave him a small smile. I had once again forgotten that Harry is not a child. "To the point I see." I said and lean back against the chair. "To tell you the truth, we haven't quite decided. Negociations are still to be held, but we hope to settle a colony here. With your abundant natural resources and our technology, we hope to achieve a mutually beneficial arangement."

Harry snorted. "And what if we refuse you your colony?"

"Well, you've seen our technology." I leave it hanging. Harry continues to frown. "There is still much time for negociations." I remined him.

"I will have to discuss this with the others, you understand?"

I smiled.


I escourted Harry out of the shuttle, down the ramp, to the soft swaying, many colour splattered grass of the small clearing we had landed in. Jungle sprouted all over this planet's land. Space like this was rare unless you didn't blink too often. Harry walked bare foot, wearing loose gray pants and a long sleeved top that looked far too big for him. The fabric shimmered in the sunlight, turning to almost blue when we entered the shade of the trees.

This world was a botenist's paridice and an allergy sufferer's hell. The place was full of flowers of all shapes, sizes and colours. Plants plants and more plants. It was warm like mid spring time. Harry picked flowers as we walked, tucking some into his hair to keep it behind his ears. Little pink flowers the shape of tiny stars. He held one out for me to smell. They are sweet, almost as strong as roses. 'Pop- you-ee' he calls it. I remember that name because of it's resemblance to potpuri. Harry takes a small bite out of it, his eyes fluttering with pleasure.

"Try it?" He held the half eaten star on a stick up to me. Innocent eyes looking up with a cheeky grin. A dare. The little imp.

"Why?" I ask. "Will it taste bad?"

"Nothing tastes bad here."

He was right.

It's sweet nectar is also good for stomach aches apparently.

We walked through the jungle for a long time, Harry pointing out plants and their uses to me. I noticed we were walking along a maintained, built up track. To our left was steep jungle covered mountain side, the other turning down to a valley.

"This trail leads up to my village." Harry told me. "We live up there because it's easier to get to the cannapys then."

"What about the valley?" I ask. Harry looked away from me, avoiding my gaze.

"We don't go down there."

Interesting. Perhaps there is land we can use without much protest after all. "Why not?" I ask. "You seem to go every where else."

"True." Harry replied, but did not continue. I prompted for more. "Because it is not safe." With that he continued to walk. I watched him move ahead of me, staying where I was. He stopped and looked back at me, wearing his stern expression. "You do not want your people trying to live down there."

I cocked my head to the side. My turn to be all curious and inquiring. I step closer to the valley and watch his eyes widen with alarm. He came closer in an attempt to stop me. No way that he could if it came to a physical confrontation. I am bigger, stronger, experienced. "Come on, it can't hurt to look. Is there a wild monster of some kind down there? If there is, I have my weapon." I patted the pistol at my side. "I'll protect you."

"Please don't..." He sounded like a small child, all frightened and biting his lip to try and hide it. "It's dangerous-"

"OR," I interrupted. "It's not. Don't tell me you've never even gone down there to look." I taunted him.

"None of our generations have. It's not safe."

"So..." I wrapped one arm around his shoulders and smirked down at him. "You really don't know for sure." Appeal to his curiosity, come one! That's it...

Harry slowly passed me to peek down the easy slope. The jungle makes it hard to see too far, but from the looks of things if there really was some wild carniverous monster down there it would not have been too hard for it to move up here. Harry is still unsure until I remind him about my weapon, and eventually he agrees to come with me.

We used the trees to help keep our balance on our way down the slope. The ground here was deeply littered with leaves. Each step we took had us sinking almost to our knees. It was a hard slog. Every time I looked across to Harry he was on super alert. His cat-like ears were twitching and his eyes darting about. Harry's footsteps in the foliage were no where near as loud as mine. In fact, if it were not for the fact that he was speaking to me, telling me that he didn't like it down here in the valley, I would not have even noticed his presence. It was strange that here his pale colourings mixed in with the trees.

Eventually we made it down to the valley floor. It went from thick jungle to waist deep open grass space that the sun beamed down upon. There were flowers everywhere here as well, turning the grass blue and pink and yellow. I looked over to Harry, who was looking around wide eyed. He still was not smiling.

"I don't see any wild animals, do you?" I taunted him.

"You generally don't until they eat you." He said wryly. I shot him a grin.

We continued walking and exploring along the valley. It appeared at least two kilometers wide, unsure how long since the valley twisted and turned around the mountains on either side. But it appeared to be beautiful fields the entire way. Odd how the trees stopped all at the same place... Harry pointed it out to me, I had not noted the significance.

The wind blew towards us, a faint sweet scent on the air. Sort of like Daffne, but not. The noise Harry made caused me to pause and look at him. He had moaned. Yes, moaned. It was soft, but his expression still held the glazed, pleasured look. His eyes were hooded, there was a definite pink to his cheeks which I had never seen before. And he was panting.

"Harry?" I asked. He blinked, and looked at me, mouth open slightly as he continued to pant. He ran a hand through his long hair, lifting it from the back of his neck. "Are you all right?"

"We should..." He took in a deep breath of the fragrant air and made another one of those erotic noises as his eyes fluttered. Then he began moving, continuing in the direction we had been heading in. But this time he almost looked like he was floating. And he began stripping off all his clothes.

Something was not right here.

"Harry?" I picked up his discarded shirt then pants. He ignored me. I chased after him, trying to engage him in conversation and finding only vacant eyes. What was this? What was going on? Why was I not effected? Was he having a joke at me? Maybe there really was a monster down in this valley. A mind controling wicked creature. A witch? Why hadn't I insisted on specifics? I pulled out my pistol and kept beside him as he waded towards a pink patch in the grass. Towards a huge open petaled pink flower of some kind spread across the ground. Tendrils spread out in all directions, so innocent really, if Harry had not walked right to the centre of this flower and stopped. Even more innocent if the tendrils and petals had not started to curl up like a flower at night. I saw the tendrils moving around Harry, sliding up his legs as the petals folded upwards. And he just stood there. The fly-trap-like flower's petals closed around Harry's naked hips, making it look like he was wearing a many layered pink skirt.

Suddenly he arched his back, flinging his head back, and let out a noise that could only be described as sexual. Impassioned moans and sighs filled the air while Harry arched and straightened, arched and straightened, over and over. He ran his hands through his hair some more, lifting and holding his hair up off his neck with such eroticism I found myself sweating. Hell, the whole scene was hot! I found myself imagining Harry back in my room, making these same noises and moves while he straddled me.

I had to shake those images from my mind, and wipe the saliva from my mouth. I tried to pry the petals open, to hack them, shoot them. They were impervious to me. I called in for a rescue team. What if this 'plant' was eating him?!

And Harry rocked, moaning. There was nothing I could do but watch.

He made a short, surprised gasp when there was movement in his belly. I saw it, like a limb moving inside him, a snake sliding around, a tendril. He arched, cried out, and fell forward, silent and limp. Only the plant petals held him up. After a few moments they began to open, letting a pink substance like jelly leak through the gaps. Harry slumped forward against the front petal his lower half covered with the jelly, and tendrils wrapped around his legs. On particularly thick one, to my horror and embarrassment, was up between his legs, between his buttocks, inside him. I couldn't tear my eyes away as it slowly began to retract, all of the tendrils sliding from him. Harry whimpered slightly as it slid from his body, leaving a gaping, jelly leaking hole behind, and disappeared in the centre of the flower.

Harry lay still. I watched the plant warily and as quickly as I could, gathered him into my arms and pulled him away from the plant's reach. I cradled him against my chest, using his pants to try and wipe the jelly from his legs, secretly hoping that the shuttle would hurry up and get here and rescue us! Harry was breathing, and by all appearances asleep. A blush still staining his cheeks.

What the hell was that plant? Was that what the Iniri avoided the valley for? What did it do to him?

The wind whipped up with a dull roar, and I looked up to see the shuttle craft landing. I wrapped Harry's clothes around him as best as I could to try and give him some decency and lifted him up, one arm under his knees the other behind his back, and carried him towards the shuttle. I kept my eyes open for more patches of pink. When I looked back at the plant it had shrivelled to a dry husk.

I lay Harry on the emergency table as the shuttle took off, whispering appologies that he couldn't hear before trying to inform the medics about the situation. How do you say tactfully that the embasedor of another planet was raped by a plant before your eyes and you could do nothing to stop it? In fact, you caused it?

To be continued?