Title: Taking Jordon

Rating: PG-13

Summary: You know those spin the bottle games, you know how they get, it meant nothing yet felt so good…

Disclaimer: I own the Characters and the story line but in all events please remember that this is F I C T I O N and that none of it is real. All bands mentioned, TV programmes and possibly Countries or Cities are real and I do not own them, any quotes used are owned by their author but have been labelled accordingly.

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Enjoy the Show.

Taking Jordon

We all know how spin the bottle can get like right? We start of sober, messing around hoping we might end up getting to kiss the person we fancy except it never happens because let's face it when is fate ever on our side. But as the night goes on and the more alcohol we end up consuming the sillier we get the stupider we become.

I've played a lot of Spin the bottle with my mates just for a laugh really, nothing special about it, just I get bored and think that there is no harm in it, after all this time I might actually get to kiss the girl I fancy. My mate, Jordon, he doesn't like playing, he's one of those skinny kids, with the scruffy black hair, brown eyes and pale skin and wears black hoodies all the time. He's basically what all the girls want for one reason or another except the problem is Jordon is about as shy as a mouse. I always thought how lucky he was, having all those girls swooning after him, and wondered why few of them went for me… perhaps it was because I was a lot louder than Jordon was.

Anyway, this one night we went to this party with the rest of our friends from our college. We all study different things and are in different years, Like Jordon studies Art and is on his second year and I'm on the second year of the Music technology class, whilst some of our friends do the same or are on the year below us or do media. One Monday afternoon one of our mates from the first year Music class was out with us having a cigarette break, and mentioned this party that was going on to celebrate some girl's birthday and that he had been invited and wondered if we wanted to go too. Of course we all agreed, how could we deny a free chance to get blasted even if the party was on the same night I worked.

So after calling in sick at work, saying something about having a migraine, Jordon and I went to the party. We usually go everywhere with each other anyway, college, town, parties, even once to the doctors when Jordon had this really bad chest infection.

By the time we got there the house was already packed and most of our friends were there meaning at least we had more than each other. Instantly we got into our usual antics of goofing around joking and even met a few other friends in the process. The drinks collection had much to be admired I'll admit, I'm not big on vodka and just about every drink was vodka based. Jordon didn't have a problem, and happily drank the glasses of Vodka and cola he was handed, not to say he was downing them like water, no… he just didn't have a problem drinking them. I managed to find something I was okay with, a bottle of beer, and hoped that by the third drink I wouldn't care if I was handed beer or vodka.

Then someone suggested spin the bottle.

I'm not sure who it was, Matt's girlfriend maybe I'm not sure, I wasn't paying attention because the girl I liked had walked in and was chatting with Gary and me. However soon I found myself being dragged into the circle with my friends, someone deciding an empty Bacardi breezer bottle was the perfect tool.

"How about you Jordon? You joining in?" Matt asked looking up at the skinny boy.

"Nah I think I'll sit this one out." He answered smiling as he stayed on the couch.

"Nonsense." I announced, my consumption of Alcohol having gotten to me already as he leant along the floor and grabbed his hand pulling him out of his seat. "You're playing this time."

He whined as usual complaining that childish games were not his thing and that it was pointless. The reality was, Jordon thought he was a crap kisser and was afraid to be proven right. But with him stuck between Matt and me, he was going nowhere and reluctantly stayed put, but still managed to complain every now and then. I found it amusing although at the same time I paid little attention considering the girl I liked was currently sitting in the first round of spin the bottle.

But as usual, on the first round I didn't get a chance to see how good she was at kissing though I must say Gary gives sloppy kisses on the cheek that's for sure. I wasn't disappointed really, seeming as there was probably a long night of this on and off anyway meaning I still had a chance if she stayed in.

By the fifth round however, I still had no kiss from my dream girl and everyone was starting to get drunk. I could feel the affects of the beer and vodka (which I had moved onto) in my system, giggling more than I usually did and feeling floppy and muggy. Having grabbed another drink I asked someone what the rules were, seeming as they changed every round.

"We're going all out." The person who was playing rule master called. "No cheeks, all tongue guy or girl, if you don't there will be a forfeit."

You're probably thinking a forfeit has gotta be better than kissing the same sex right? Not with this lot. I have seen the forfeit done on someone else and I learnt the easy way that, it was best to just swallow your pride and do as you're were told… besides I might get a chance with the girl I like.

That was until she called herself out saying that she wasn't kissing another girl and stood up deciding to be a spectator. Yeah, it was disappointing but by this point I was not exactly sober so I didn't show much care for it, seeing that in the morning I would have probably regretted it anyway.

"Can I sit this one out?" Jordon suddenly whined beside me, looking at me begging.

I shook my head grinning lopsidedly at him. "One more round then you can sit it out."

Little did either of us know that this round would be our weirdest moment together.

For about ten minutes we laughed and joked when other guys had to kiss other guys and even cheered when other girls kissed other girls (Oh come on, we are guys and we are drunk!). Then a girl called Shannon had to spin the bottle, she's a pretty girl but also very deeply involved with Matt, yeah that's right that's the girl you most probably started this thing off.

"Oh!" Shannon giggled when the bottle landed on me. "Looks like you're up Dan."

"Why thank you." I mumbled a giggle leaving me too. "I'm glad you pointed that out to me otherwise I would have never of guessed."

"Very funny Dan, no funny business or I'll be forced to take you out side buddy." Matt chuckled seemingly unbothered that one of his mates was about to make out with his girlfriend.

That's the odd thing I have never really got, you know, how couples will play spin the bottle but the minute their partner has to make out with someone else they get super jealous and over protective. I guess I've always been glad none of my mates are really like that… then again that might be because we're all pretty much single. But anyway, that's something pointless, back to the party. Kissing Shannon was okay, I was too drunk to really take much notice of it, after all, I was too busy giggling, as was she. All in all our twenty seconds of kissing was spent giggling and trying not to over balance and fall over.

Now it was my turn to spin the bottle not that I was bothered, the one person I wanted to kiss was out of the game now so I was at the point where I really didn't care who I kissed… okay I was drunk but if I was sober I'm sure the prospect of kissing another guy with tongues and all would be a little daunting, but as you can guess I wasn't sober and I didn't care.

"Okay…" I giggled holding the bottle. "Who ever this lands on better not make a big deal out of it."

Of course a few people laughed and joked around, what's the point of making a statement and not getting a few rises out of it hey? Anyway in my drunken state I managed to put a pretty good spin on the bottle, before sitting back watching the bottle spin around a few times before it slowly stopped…

… right on Jordon.

"Oh no come on!" Jordon yelped looking like a frightened mouse. "That wasn't fair, look! It's in between us!"

"Oh stop complaining Jordon and do it already!" Matt laughed obviously amused by the look on Jordon's face as was I.

"Ah come on what's a kiss between friends hey?" I laughed shifting my weight quickly so I could lean over to him, Jordon simply fidgeting where he was. "Look Bro, I promise I won't tell any body about this outside of this room!"

"Except maybe ya mom!" Gary chuckled.

I swear I never thought Jordon could get any paler than he did right then, after all he's a pretty pale kid anyway, but this time he went really, really pale. I think Gary and I had the same thought at the same time when we saw Jordon suddenly move to get up, both of us grabbing him causing a stir from our other friends who laughed or cheered us on. I giggled as Jordon yelped glaring at me with that "I'm not in the mood any more Dan give it up would you?" look he usually gave me when I was pissing him off. But I ignored it for the simple fact that I didn't want to face a forfeit especially if Matt was behind them.

"Twenty seconds and it'll all be over Jordon." I reminded him as I straddled him so he couldn't get away leaning down a little so our noses touched. "You don't bite do you?"

Jordon looked at me as if I was completely mad. "Wha-?"

I cut him off there, probably for the best as well.

Quickly before he could argue anymore I pressed my lips to his, my tongue almost instantly snaking out to run over his, my head tilted slightly to make it easier as one of my hands braced me so I didn't fall and the other finding its way into his hair, scrunching it between my fingers as I let my tongue explore over Jordon's not too surprised that he didn't really react.

The thing is, when I kissed him I never expected him to taste so… good, ya know? I was expecting nothing but when my lips met his, it was weird… like the softness of his skin did something to me and his taste… god is wear it drove me crazy as I licked over his tongue almost daring him to react, my teeth nipping playfully at his bottom lip. And the weird thing is, he did react, slowly, hesitantly like Jordon always does, but he reacted, he eventually kissed me back, his warm wet tongue slowly moving against mine, not pushing me away but just… I dunno exploring.

And in that split second, when he began to react when I felt something like ice run down my spine at the thought of him reacting, I swear everything around us disappeared and I forgot to keep counting, I forgot didn't even notice someone grab the camera and take a photo of us kissing, because at that point in time I was too busy thinking about how weird yet so good this felt kissing Jordon and how surprised I was that he was reacting.

Then suddenly everything was back like a bang, everyone laughing, everyone cheering us on as someone announced that our twenty seconds was up and to get a room for goodness sakes because we were worse than a high school couple. Instantly I pulled back, weird considering I liked it, I'll admit it now. The minute I pulled back Jordon was up, standing up looking completely embarrassed announcing he was not taking part anymore and he needed to use the bathroom.

I, on the other hand was too busy giggling not yet realising what I had actually done, not yet really thinking about what I had felt in those twenty seconds.

It wasn't until later that night when Jordon and I were meant to be heading back, when I couldn't find him and I was finally sobering up that I actually started realising what had happened, started comprehending what I had felt and I suddenly felt awkward, or was it confused, I don't know, But I felt something, something that I couldn't explain but I was sure it wasn't exactly right…

I spent about half an hour asking people if anyone had seen Jordon but no one had seen him since he had disappeared to the bathroom some few hours before. Seeing no other choice but to see if he was there I headed upstairs slowly carefully stepping over people who had passed out or found the stairs a good place to chat. Eventually after nearly tripping over too many bodies I found the bathroom knocking lightly on the door.

"Go downstairs!"


Sighing I tried the handle surprised the door was open pushing it open slowly looking around before spotting Jordon on the floor, his arms resting on his knees as he looked up, his eyes going wide right before a blush filled his cheeks and he looked away. Instantly I knew how he must have felt, my own cheeks burning as I stepped in and shut the door sliding down to a sitting position opposite him.

"You been up here all night?" I asked him quietly.

He took a moment before he answered, even though he wasn't verbally. All he gave me was a soft nod, still staring at the cupboard door beside him like it was interesting. I suppose in a way that door probably was interesting, the way the darker grained created dark patterns on the lighter wood. I remember one of our first classes on Acoustics in College and how the teacher had spoke about how sound finds it harder to travel against the grain of wood as it does along the grain. I started thinking about that at the time although I wasn't sure why, after all it was no great interest to me, but as I watched Jordon start hard at the door I couldn't help but think about that and how embarrassed Jordon looked suddenly.

"You're not mad at me are you?" I asked quietly again.

"No." He answered eventually still looking at me.

"Then why won't you look me?" I asked, raising an eyebrow a little.

He pulled a face, one he usually pulled when he didn't want to answer the question truthfully but knew that he had no other answer to offer. A bony hand came up and shifted his hat a little, the woollen cap being pulled over to shade his eyes from me.

"You're embarrassed." I stated knowing it straight off.

Another flush filled Jordon's cheeks and this time he dipped his head to hide his face as if he would make himself invisible.

"It was just a kiss J." I muttered still staring at him, not sure if I was hurt or offended or maybe both. "It doesn't mean anything."

"I guess." He answered in this quiet voice that made him sound like a small child.

"Then what's the deal?" I asked trying hard not to show my irritation. "I'm not gunna diss you for it, it doesn't change anything."

"I know." He replied and this time he lifted his head to look at me for a moment before looking away. "It's just…"

I waited for him to finish, but he didn't, he just shrugged and looked back down at his lap as if there was something interested on his jeans that required his full attention. I sighed and rested my head back against the wall looking up at the ceiling for a moment.

"Just what?" I asked him, not looking at him.

"It made me feel weird." He murmured. "Really weird."

My eyes snapped back to him as if I was alarmed, which he noticed making him blush even more and look away. I sat up straight looking at him seriously not caring now if he was embarrassed.

"Weird how?" I asked him.

He shrugged. "I dunno."

"Well good weird or bad weird?" I asked tilting my head a little.

"I… I dunno Dan!" He snapped back looking at me. "It just made me feel weird, like… like everything around me was gone and all that mattered was what was happening in that very second!"

I stared at him for a moment before looking away. Somewhere downstairs, our friends were yelling our names, yelling for us to hurry up, that we had to go or else we weren't getting a lift home. I considered yelling back that we were coming but I couldn't find the energy; instead I just looked back at Jordon. He must have heard them too because his head was tilted slightly, a look on his face suggesting that now was a good time for him to escape but I refused to let that happen, knowing that it could possibly ruin our friendship if we didn't deal with this now, before we were invaded by our drunk or stoned friends.

"I felt it too." I spoke up after a moment making Jordon jump again. "I felt weird, I mean, but it's not like it's worth getting embarrassed about."

"No?" He raised an eyebrow at me looking a little bolder than usual. "Then what if I said I liked what I felt Dan huh?"

I stared at him not sure on how to answer him.

He stared at me for a moment more before looking away shaking his head a little in annoyance, going back to studying the cupboard door.

"How can you know from just twenty seconds?" I asked him eventually, sounding too quiet for my own liking.

"I dunno…" He answered at a whispered his eyes closing as if to hide the tears I had seen. "I don't… I just… it's so confusing… I mean…. I'm straight right?"

I couldn't answer him again. The fact was even though it was safe to assume everyone was straight, being straight was like being gay, you couldn't know until you tried it and Jordon had never tried it, he had never been with a girl, he had never kissed a girl properly, and before tonight he had never kissed a guy before. He had been neutral; he hadn't been anything but someone waiting to find out what his sexuality was like every teenager had to wait to find out. The truth was I thought that when you kissed someone you weren't meant to feel anything, that it was a neutral field, that it did nothing to you, yet tonight had proven me wrong, that there was something to be felt and though it had been weird, I wasn't sure if I had liked it or hated it all I knew was it had felt good, weird yet good.

"I don't need to be confused right now Dan." He finally muttered looking at me with scared eyes. "I don't want to have to think about this right now."

"Then don't." I answered softly, smiling reassuringly. "Think about it another day, when you feel ready, but don't push me away, not when I could help you…"

it was about the door burst open and Matt and Gary fell in giggling suddenly announcing to everyone who was still conscious they had found us in their drunken manners stumbling into the room and chattering away about having to leave and that we should have told them we wanted to use the bathroom together. I saw the moment for things to be mended lost as all of our friends tried piling into the small bathroom singing Skunx at the top of their lungs making it hard to hear anything.

I looked at Jordon who looked at me with the same baffled looked as I probably held before both of us smiled leaving me with a wave of relief, knowing that just by that smile, Jordon was okay, that it was going to be fine, and even though since that night we've never spoken seriously (as in not to say we've never talked about it) about what happened between us, things were okay, things never changed and it felt good…

It felt really good.