I wish I could hit rewind
and go back to the day I met you
and stop myself from falling in love with you
or maybe to the day when I told you
that I liked you back
I could have remembered all the promises
I made to myself about never loving again
maybe just rewind back to our first kiss
maybe if I had said no you would've dumped me
right then and there
before I became too attached
maybe I could go back to the day I said I love you
maybe I pushed things to fast
or maybe to the day when I told you the truth
about all my past
maybe if I hadn't told you anything
you would've stayed in love forever
maybe if I went back
to when you told me you might want to break up
maybe I should've kept my mouth shut
and not told you that you needed to think
or that I would not accept only being half loved
If I could just rewind and change the best
you would still be in love with me