(The Artistic Inbreeds)

You're Bob-Fucking-Dylan and I'm Ma-fucking-gritte and
Everyone's fucking everyone fucking everyone's style to help the production of the artistic inbreed
There's no more "New" they're all used it's the "Next" and the "Now" and the "Like" not the "The"
We're all "Modern" but cheap -an entire generation of egotistical Could-be's
My canvas can stretch and so can your notes but extension isn't invention it's
Our uninspired desperation for an original definition
That confesses how we do it better -we do do it too
But it doesn't matter that I have better technical skills than Dali or
That you out poetic Edgar Allen Poe's poetry
We're the Midwesterner's that're stealing the pompous East Coast/French Europe scene
Except there's no scene to steal and there never again will be
So let's take your Omaha and my Small Town To Be and
Fuck them over backstage like our goddamn "Next," "Now," and "Like" groupies

(Author's Notes: I think I might do another chapter 2 explanation. I don't mind it and that way you can read it if you enjoy the explanation thing, or you can not read it if you dislike that sort of thing and prefer confusion/wondering.)