Mick slammed the door and began pacing in the foyer. Should he tell her? She has a right to know, but she has just started to finally heal, and he couldn't bear to send her back to the pain she wore so clear before, he couldn't bear to see her if she was like that. "God-dammit" he swore under his breath.

"What's wrong?" Sara was standing there in a blue terry cloth towel, still wet from her shower, dripping on the hard wood floor.

"That was quick" Mick commented, trying to stray from his earlier confusion.

"Now whose changing the subject?" She teased.

"No one is changing the subject, I was merely making an observation." Mick said indignantly. "Look at you, dripping all over my prego floor! Now off with you, get dressed!" he quickly rushed to her and shooed her back into her room. Once she was safe behind the white oak door, he went to his room to once again pace. He couldn't distract her forever. He just hoped he could play it cool long enough for her to stop asking questions. This wasn't the first time he had run into Joe. But before it had always been in passing, at a nearby by theater and café. This was the first time Joe had come so close to her, and her sanctuary. It was too close for comfort. What would have happened if Sara wasn't in the shower? To have to deal with him leaving all over again would kill her and he knew this. Both men did.

Once again his thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell. Sara yelled from her room that she was still in a towel and if Mick would be a dear and answer that. Again, he resigned and walked to the door. Bracing himself, he swung the door open. "Now listen you bloody bast-"

He was interrupted by a pale brunette flinging into his arms. "Mick! Oh my god! You can't believe what- Oh is she- Oh I-" She gasped between sobs.

"God woman, what's the matter?" He proclaimed looking at the mess in front of him.

"It's me, Jenn Porvan." the woman replied.

His eyebrows furrowed. It was another link to her life with Joe. "What do you need?"

"I need to talk to Sara, it's very important." She said.

His voice turned bitter and cold "And let me guess, it's about him"

"Joe, you mean?" Jenn asked turning her head to the side.

"Of course I mean that bloody bastard! It's always about that wanker, now isn't it?"

"What do you mean? Oh forget about it, I need to tell something to Sara" Jenn said and attempted to get past the roommate.

He grabbed her, "Don't tell her anything about it!"

A voice came from behind, "Tell me about what?"

Mick's eyes widened as he turned to face Sara, who was now dressed in paint spattered jeans and a black tank-top. Her wet hair was piled on top of her head with a clip, and a few stray strands cling to her moist neck. "Tell me about what?" she repeated, only more forcefully this time, her eyes searching his.

Mick hung his head. "Jenn Porvan is here to see you, I'm heading out." And he moved out of the way to reveal the woman, before grabbing his coat from the nearby rack and heading out the door and down the street.

Sara's eyes followed him as long as she could, and even lingered after his form left her sight, before she turned to Jenn.

"Sara?" Jenn asked

Whipping her head around to Jenn. "Yes? I'm sorry, it's been a long day. It's been two years now..." she drifted off before looking at Jenn in the eyes. That's when she noticed the unmistakable excitement exuding from the woman. "Jenn, what's going on?"

"Maybe you should sit down for this..." Jenn said, inviting herself deeper into the flat.