Because of you

"Why do you love me?" she asked one day,

"Because of your great beauty,' was all I could say.

"You are lovely on the inside and out,

You carry away my fears and doubt."

The same question I asked with a sigh,

"Because of you," was her only reply.

I was confused but my heart was content,

And together the afternoon we spent.

Later that nite I called her at home,

I was feeling sad and very alone.

She answered and told me of a pain,

I asked her what was to be blamed.

"Because of you," was her only reply,

I could only hope that she had lied.

The next day they found her dead,

A bullet wound into her head.

They found a note that made me cry,

"Because of you," was her only reply.

I called her mom and did inquire,

Why had the deadly shot been fired?

"Your love for her was so very deep,

Her own love could not compete.

The more you loved, and the more you cared,

Finally set her into deep despair.

You loved her too much and that is why,

"Because of you," was her final reply."