In the silvery streaked silence

We all stand alone and wait

The moonlight seems so cold now

As everyone learns how to hate


The warmth is now burning gold

As the silver overtakes our souls

Leaving behind a deadly frostbite

Scarring us blacker than coal


Silver becomes bluer by the second

As sadder our hearts slowly grow

I can feel the hate quickly rising

As we all quickly fall below


Look up at the silvery sunlight

It bathes us in its cold warmth

Suffocating us tightly from within

Until we fall, degrading our kin


The silver fades to a dull grey

Its radiant glow lost in the silence

The fading silver grows colder

Drowning in the colors of violence


A/N: ok, to tell the truth, i have no idea what this poem means, i have no idea why i wrote it, i jus did. so um, if u have any ideas abt wat it can possibly mean then um...please tell me...i kno, the fact tht i wrote it should mean tht i should understand it, but um, i dont...maybe im just dumb. ok now im